Baby Bonnet School of Dance

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G1 Baby Bonnet School of Dance
G1 Baby Bonnet School of Dance (front)
G1 Baby Bonnet School of Dance US Box (Front)
G1 Baby Bonnet School of Dance US Box (Back)
G1 Baby Bonnet School of Dance (UK version) accessories with slightly darker butterfly brush

The Baby Bonnet School of Dance was released in the 1985-1986 line of toys. It was shaped like a bonnet and when you folded down the front panel there was 3 platforms that either baby ponies or the playset pieces could sit on and you could make them go round, therefore making them dance so to speak. The set came with the pony Baby Half Note who is the Beddy Bye Eye version.

In the UK comic books, the plastic animal friends who came with the playset had names: Iris (yellow bee), Pandora (purple bee), Yolande (yellow swan), Lucinda (purple swan), and Hop and Jump (the two rabbits, unknown which is which).


It came with:


Baby Half Note's Story

Note: These stories are reproduced exactly as they appear on the ponies' backcards, including all errors.

All the baby ponies had been practicing for weeks for the Ballet Recital, and tonight was the big night! Baby Half Note prepared the stage, carefully laying all the props in place. "This will be the perfect spot for Baby Blossom's triple spin," she thought. Then she schecked the costumes. All the frilly skirts and sparkling tiaras were in a neat row, ready to wear.

At 6:00 in the evening, the guests started to arrive. Baby Half Note watched backstage as they took their seats in the audience. "It's almost time," she warned the dancers. Everyone rustled about with excitement. Suddenly, the lights blinked! That was the cue for the ponies to take their places on stage. They were ready. As the curtain slowly rose, the ponies noticed something was missing.

"There's no music!" Baby Shady cried out. Baby Half Note was stunned - she'd forgotten to turn on the record player. Magic Star, who was sitting in the front row, knew how to solve the problem. She jumped out of her seat and onto the stage.

"Ladies and Gentlemen," she said proudly, "tonight's performance will be accompanied by the Star Light Band."

While the audience applauded the introduction, Magic Star went behind the curtain and waved her magic wand. Stars suddenly appeared above the stage, ready to play their instruments. "Start the music, Magic Star whispered. The symbols crashed, violins strummed and the drums beat with a cheerful rat-tat-tat as the ponies started whirling and twirling. Jumps, spins and pirouettes filled the air. What a lovely performance it was!

At the end of the show, the audience presented a bouquet of roses to Baby Half Note for staging such a wonderful show. Baby Half note ran to the side of the stage and hugged Magic Star. "You're the real star of the show," Baby Half Note remarked, handing her the bouquet of flowers!


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