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G1 Baby Princess Sparkle
G1 Baby Princess Sparkle and her accessories
Accessories and ribbon
Purple glitter variant
Purple variant symbol
Forehead symbol

Baby Princess Sparkle was sold packaged with the Princess Baby Buggy, and exists in two variations, pink-purple glitter (similar to Gusty or Moondancer) and true purple, matching Glory and Windy's symbol color. She is otherwise identical.

The Princess Baby Buggy was released in Year Eight (1989-1990), and the carriage is a reissue of Year Four's Baby Buggy - it is identical save the canopy, basket and wheel colors. The included pony is Baby Princess Sparkle, the only G1 Baby Princess pony ever produced by Hasbro.

There is some dispute over what color of shooting star barette was included with this playset - MIB images with at least two different colors exist, and a third is suspected; dark purple, pink, and lavender. While a teal/blue shooting star barette is shown on the box, no MIB set has ever been shown to include this color, only shades of pink and purple. One theory is that left over pieces from the Brush 'n Grow Ponies were used in some sets, specifically from Ringlets, Curly Locks and Bouquet. Some of the differences may also be due to aging. The duck comb and spoon vary in color even in MIB examples.

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Baby Blossom Pose
  • Body Colour: White
  • Hair Colour: 'Fading pink' with gold, blue and pink tinsel
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Symbol: Glittery gold and purple castle with gold glittery star on forehead


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