Baby Sealight

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Sealight is a G1 Watercolor Baby Sea Pony.

Sealight with accessories
Sealight in normal colors
Sealight in hot water colors
Sealight MOC
Year 6 Baby Sea Ponies
Pony Name
English: Sealight
German: Baby Planschi

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Tiny Bubbles Pose
  • Body Colour: Purple - it changed to pink in warm water
  • Hair Colour: Orange - it changed to yellow in warm water
  • Eye Colour: Yellow
  • Symbol: Yellow fin tips

Back Card Stories

Sealight Back Card
Sealight's UK backcard

"Splish, Splash!" cried sealight as she paddled through the blue sea in her turtle float. "I can make the biggest splashes of all!" she said. She playfully sprayed a friendly fish and splashed cool water on Foamy as she floated beside her. Just then, a dolphin swam next to Sealight. "I can make big splashes, too!" he said. He disappeared under the waves, then zoomed out of the water and landed with a very big SPLASH, spraying the delightful pony with cool water.

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