Battle of the Bands

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Battle of the Bands
Generation 1 | Season 3 | Episode 2 (A)
My Little Pony Tales
Original Airdate July 10, 1992
Writer(s) George Arthur Bloom
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Too Sick to Notice And the Winner Is...

"Battle of the Bands" is the third episode of the My Little Pony Tales cartoon series. It originally aired along with "And the Winner Is...". It was written by George Arthur Bloom.


Melody hears about a muisic competition that is hosted by PTV and wishes to enter with her band, the Rockin' Beats. The competition takes place Thursday night, however, which is when Melody's mother has to work at the hospital and Melody has to babysit her younger sisters. Melody's mother doesn't mind Melody entering the competition, but only if she arranges a replacement babysitter. Melody is overjoyed and immediately arranges a tight schedule for the band to practice.

Thursday evening, Melody is putting together her outfit for the competition when her mother enquires who will be the babysitter. To her horror, Melody realizes she forgot ll about getting a babysitter and asks her mother to call in sick. Her mother makes it clear she can't do that and Melody calls each of her friends to see if they can babysit for her. However, all of them have other obligations, and when Melody's band buddies show up at her door, she has no choice but to finally confess she can't participate. Naturally, her friends are furious and answer Melody she's no longer part of the band.

At the PTV studio, the Rockin' Beats meet their competition, two talented bands. Metalloid is the first band to perform and gets an impressive score. Melody is watching at home and takes note of this, deciding she could just as well babysit her sisters at the PTV studio. The Rockin' Beats are thrilled to see Melody, as they had realized that they weren't likely to win without their lead singer. Melody greets them with equal enthusiasm, at which point Jing-a-Ling and Ting-a-Ling make a break for it, fascinated as they are by the playground that is the studio. Their antics bring the background display down on the second band, which earns it a huge score for the grand ending. The Rockin' Beats nervously prepare for their turn, but then Melody notices her sisters missing and goes to search for them, much to the chagrin of her band.

As the Rockin' Beats hesitantly try to put up a show without lead singer, Melody is forced to chase after her unruly sisters. Through stairs, a slide, a trampoline and several displays, the three end up back on stage, where Melody takes her cue and starts singing, supported by her younger sisters. Melody's entrance makes up for the lackluster start of the Rockin' Beats act and earns the band the first prize.

Back at home, Melody brings her sisters to bed and gets them to promise they won't tell their mother they went to the competition. Shortly after, their mother comes back from work and reveals that since the Battle of the Bands was on in the hospital, she knows Melody and the twins participated. Melody tries to explain her actions, but her mother is not actually angry and advises Melody to get to bed too - they can talk about it tomorrow. Melody states she's learned her lesson and will get a babysitter next time, to which Ting-a-Ling and Jing-a-Ling reply they don't want anyone else but their big sister to babysit them.



Sweet Music

Sweet music - ooh, sweet music
That's what I hear then you appear
Sweet music - ooh, sweet music
Life is in tune when you are near

When you are gone, the song just isn't there
But then I see your face again and music fills the air - fills the air

Sweet music - ooh, sweet music
I love the sound when you're around
Sweet music - ooh, sweet music
Beautiful harmony's abound

I know our song well never die - never die
We make sweet music, you and I - you and I
We make sweet music, you and I


Animation errors

  • When Melody is fantasizing of a life of fame during her song, one shot she wears bracelets and a scarf, the next, the bracelets and scarf are gone and she wears sunglasses.
  • When Ting-a-Ling and Jing-a-Ling are about to enter the empty part of the PTV studio, one of their cell's is misaligned and appears in front of the door when it should be behind it.
  • As Melody and Sweet Notes stand side by side singing, Sweet Notes face momentarily disappears.
  • Melody’s mom’s bag disappears after she says everyone in the hospital depends on me to be there, it then returns on the other side of her.
  • Half notes blonde piece in her fringe on the close up isn’t present when Melody opens the door to say she can’t go. So is Tuneful’s grey strip just slightly later after that.
  • while Melody is at the door and they pan back to the twin her bracelets are missing.
  • Melody’s bracelets have switched arms while she’s watching TV with the twins then gone when she turns it off.
  • As melody chases the twins up the props her bow and bracelets are gone. Then just her bow is gone at the top.
  • Melody’s bracelets are also gone towards the end of the song on stage.

Story errors

  • Melody gives up on her friends as possible babysitters very soon. Patch goes off the list because she isn't immediately available, while Bright Eyes and Clover might not even have been asked. Patch and Bright Eyes can be seen enjoying a drink at Starlight's ice cream shop during the competition, so they could have easily done the babysitting for Melody.
  • How did Melody get Bon Bon on the telephone if the latter isn't allowed to make or take calls? Did nobody else in her eight-headed household notice the phone ringing?


  • Dropping a background display that size on people will seriously injure them in real-life.


  • PTV is a reference to the real-life MTV, and presumably stands for Pony Television.
  • While none of the Rockin' Beat Ponies are drawn exactly as their toy, Tuneful stands out the most. While the toy is mainly blue and a Unicorn, the animation is mainly green and an Earth Pony.
  • Each Rockin' Beat Pony was released with a guitar as instrument, whereas "Battle of the Bands" only features Half Note and Sweet Notes with one. Tuneful mans the keyboard, while Pretty Beat handles the drum.
  • "Battle of the Bands" has been released on DVD in Australia by MRA Entertainment on October 12, 2005, and in the UK by Metrodome on August 16, 2004.

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