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G3 Bunches-O-Fun
Bunches-O-Fun symbol

This pony's name is spelled both "Bunches-o-Fun" and "Bunches-O-Fun" on various packaging.

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Sweet Breeze Pose
  • Body Colour: Pearly pink
  • Hair Colour: Cyan with glitter
  • Eye Colour: Cyan-green and blue with dark pink heart
  • Symbol: Flowerbouquet
  • Hoof Heart: Light blue


Backcard Stories

US Backcard Story

Bunches-O-Fun builds the most unusual dollhouses—they’re all made out of flowers! The walls are made of daisies, while dozens of roses create a beautiful red roof. Inside the house, her dolls sit down on pretty pink tulips! Today I’m going on a scavenger hunt with my friend Twinkle Twirl.


Year Three (2005)

Bunches O Fun MIB.jpg

Year Four (2006)

Bunches-O-Fun Variant MIB
Bunches-O-Fun Variant backcard

Bunches-O-Fun Dress Up Fashions-This Bunches-o-fun is much pinker and more matte. She has no tinsel in her hair. Her symbol is smaller and has no glitter. Her hoof heart is a dark blue.

Media Appearances

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