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Sea Ponies were sea horse like My Little Ponies. They were designed to be bath toys. Some had weights in their tails so that they would float right side up at the surface of the water. Some came with floaties to help them float, others came with clam shells that had suction cups that stuck to the sides of the bathtub.

There are both adult and baby sea ponies.

English: Sea Ponies
German: Seeponys (& Baby-Seeponys)

The original US Sea Ponies Commercial can be seen on Youtube - [1]

"My Little Pony, Sea Ponies,

When I'm taking a bath she's so much fun.

Reach out and take her out of her shell,

Then I comb her hair and when I'm done,

I just can't wait 'til it's time for me,

To take my bath with her again.

My Little Pony, Sea Ponies,

I love her like a friend.

I love her like a friend!"

Year Two (1983-1984)

Euro Exclusive Sea Ponies

Year Three (1984-1985)

Adult Sea Ponies

Adult Sea Ponies
Adult Sea Ponies

Baby Sea Ponies

Baby Sea Ponies

Year Four (1985-1986)

Pretty and Pearly Baby Sea Ponies

Pearly Baby Sea Ponies

Year Five (1986-1987)

Sea Sparkle Baby Sea Ponies

Sea Sparkle Baby Sea Ponies

Year Six (1987-1988)

Watercolour Baby Sea Ponies

Water Colour Baby Sea Ponies

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