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Water Cuties

Water Cuties are a type of My Little Pony that functions similar to a snow globe; you shake or turn the pony and the water inside will shift along with it's glitter. Therefore, the ponies are either fully or partially made of translucent colorful plastic so you can see inside of it. The only difference between this set and Rainbow Shimmer is that this set only contained regular ponies and no princesses.

  • Paillettes magiques (France)
  • Glitzer-Pony (Germany)
  • Brillos Mágicos (Spain)

Cutie Mark Magic

The first wave of Water Cuties did not come with a QR Hoof Heart, the feature was launched somewhere in 2015 towards the end of Cutie Mark Magic.

This line launched three new poses; Earth Pony Water Cuties Pose, Unicorn Water Cuties Pose and Pegasus Water Cuties Pose.

Wave I (2014)

  • Diamond Mint
  • Pinkie Pie
  • Rarity

Wave II (2015)

  • Blossomforth
  • Lily Blossom
  • Rainbow Dash

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Wave I (2015)

  • Applejack
  • Flower Wishes

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