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The first Baby Ponies in G2 were released in Year Four (2000).

This is also the year Hasbro starts on the slippery slope of printing symbols (cutie marks) on only one side of a pony. This first (and only in G2?) pony is Baby Sweet Snowflake. G3 is when single sided symbols would become the standard.

Secret Surprise Friends

Magic Motion Friends

Magic Motion Family Ponies

Light Up Family Ponies

  • Need loose photo of Princess Silver Swirl and MOC photo

  • Need loose photo of MOC photo

Twin Baby Ponies

Twin baby ponies aren't named specifically as one or the other. So collectors generally name them left to right as they appear in their packaging. Ie Drifter and Dreamer (as written on the packaging).

Princess Ponies

Prince Pony

Royal Lady Pony

Royal Twin Baby Ponies

Holiday Pony


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