Common Ground

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Common Ground
Generation 4 | Season 9 | Episode 6
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Original Airdate May 4, 2019
Writer(s) Josh Haber
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The Point of No Return She's All Yak

Common Ground is the sixth episode of season 9 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.


Rainbow Dash's old pal Quibble Pants needs help to bond with the daughter of his new special friend because, like Dash, she's a real sports pony.


The episode begins with an old-fashion sports reel detailing the rise to fame of Buckball, the opening of the Buckball Hall of Fame, and the Ponyville team. Snips uses Snail's newfound fame to turn a profit by selling autographs as Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, the two other parts of the team, remark that they need to do well in this upcoming tournament. Rainbow Dash goes to the newly opened museum as a favor for Applejack, but spots Quibble Pants camping in front of the museum. Quibble pretends to be a fan of Buckball, but slips up multiple times. Clear Sky, Quibble Pants's new girlfriend, and Wind Spirit, Sky's new daughter, come and greet Rainbow Dash. Wind is unimpressed by Quibble's camping-out. In the museum, the ponies pair off and Quibble reveals to Rainbow Dash that he is not a big sports fan, but wants to make friends with Wind Spirit, as her dad was an athlete. In an attempt to impress Wind on Quibble's behalf, Rainbow Dash tells Wind that she's a Wonderbolt, which she is impressed by. Quibble then gifts Wind a book about Buckball, which she is no longer impressed by. Clear Sky tells Quibble he need not try so hard to impress Wind, but Rainbow Dash convinces Quibble she can make him a sporty pony. After trying various Buckball exercises on the practice field, it turns out Quibble has very little to show in the realm of sports. Rainbow Dash helps Quibble set up a meet-and-greet with the Ponyville team with Wind and Sky, but Wind is still dismissive of Quibble. Rainbow arranges a half-time game with the Ponyville team, Wind, and Quibble, but Quibble is so lacking that he scores in Ponyville's goal and brings his relationship with Wind back to square one. Clear Sky tells Quibble they need to "rethink all of this" and chases after Wind, who has run off. Rainbow Dash attempts to tell Quibble of more ideas to make him sporty, but he declines and says that he believes he will never get Wind to like him. He also believes that Sky will break up with him. Rainbow Dash then says that he should have gone to someone else to learn about sports. In the museum, Wind tells Sky that Quibble will never replace her real father, but Sky assures her that was never his intention, and that he just wanted her to like him. Quibble comes up and apologizes to Wind, and asks if they can start over and have Wind teach him about Buckball. At the next game, Wind tells Quibble about the game, and Quibble uses a statistic from the book and starts bonding with Wind. Sky assures Quibble that she never wanted to break up and that her words were misinterpreted. The three watch the rest of the game.