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Dart and Dash, Loose
English, Danish/Norwegian, Swedish, and Finnish Languages MOC
  • Release Year: 2000
  • Availability: Europe
  • Series: Twin Baby Ponies
  • Notes: It is not specified on the package which baby is which; therefore, it has been standard practice within the collecting community to name them left to right as they appear in their packages. These twins also have variants that are slightly different colors.

Regional Names (English Translation)

  • Danish/Norwegian: Humle og Brumle (Bumble and Hum)
  • Dutch: Springer en Sprinter (Springer and Sprinter)
  • Finnish: Ampi ja Pampi (Magpie and ?Bum?)
  • French: Pirouette et Cabriole (Pirouette and Caper)
  • German: Blitzi and Flitzi (In a Flash and Speedy)
  • Italian: Vispa e Teresa (Lively and Teresa)
  • Spanish: Pony Aguijón y Pony Rayitas (Stinger Pony and Striped Pony)
  • Swedish: Humle og Brumle (Hop and Hum)

Dart and Dash, Loose with Accessories – Incorrect Brush
Loose with Accessories – Missing Charm

Dart Stats

Dart, Loose
Dart Variant, Loose
  • Pose: Baby Tickle Heart Pose
  • Body Color: Mauve
  • Hair Color: Blue Forelock, Yellow Mane, Pink Tail
  • Eye Color: Periwinkle with Light Blue Crystal
  • Symbol: Light Blue Butterfly with Dashed Line Trail

Dash Stats

Dash, Loose
Dash Variant, Loose
  • Pose: Baby Dew Pose
  • Body Color: Pink
  • Hair Color: Blue Forelock, Pink Mane, Yellow Tail
  • Eye Color: Periwinkle with Light Blue Crystal
  • Symbol: Dark Blue Butterfly with Dashed Line Trail


Backcard Stories



  • 1 Fun to dress up!
  • 2 Snap charms together to make a beautiful butterfly charm!

Dart and Dash are the energetic twins. They love to be busy.


  • 1 Sjov at udsmykke/Moro å utsmykke
  • 2 Klem smykkerne/smykkene sammen og tag/ta dem på!

Humle og Brumle er de energiske tvillinger. De elsker at have travlt/å ha det travelt.

English Translation:

  • 1 Fun to decorate/Fun to decorate
  • 2 Squeeze the jewellery/pieces together and tag/put them on!

Bumblebee and Hum are the energetic twins. They love to be busy.


  • 1 Leuk om oon te kleden!
  • 2 Klik de hangertjes aan elkaar en draag zelf!

Springer en Sprinter zijn de speelse tweeling. Ze zijn altijd in de weer!

English Translation:

  • 1 Nice to dress up!
  • 2 Click the hangers together and wear yourself!

Springer and Sprinter are the playful twins. They are always busy!


  • 1 Hauska puketua hienoksi
  • 2 Napsauta riipukset yhteen ja käytä!

Ampi ja Pampi ovat toimeliaat kakoset. Heistä on hauskaa touhuta kovasti!

English Translation:

  • 1 It's fun to dress up
  • 2 Click the pendants together and use!

Magpie and Bum (?) are busy twins. They are fun to hustle hard!


Pirouette et Cabriole sont débordantes d'énergie. Elles ont toujours une multitude de choses à faire. Pirouette a 1000 idées de jeux à la minute, Cabriole, elle est toujours en mouvement!

English Translation:

Pirouette and Cabriole are full of energy. They always have a multitude of things to do. Pirouette has 1000 game ideas per minute, Cabriole, she's always on the move!



  • 1 Τρελαίνονται να τις ντύνεις!
  • 2 Βάλε τα κρεμαστά μαζί και φόρεσέ τας!

Η Τρεχαλίτου και η Τολμηρούλι είναι οι δραστήριες δίδυμες. Τους αρέπει να είναι σε κίνηση.

  • 1 Trelaínontai na tis ntýneis!
  • 2 Vále ta kremastá mazí kai fóresé tas!

I Trechalítou kai i Tolmiroúli eínai oi drastíries dídymes. Tous arépei na eínai se kínisi.

English Translation:

  • 1 They go crazy when you dress them up!
  • 2 Put the pendants together and wear them!

Trehalitou and Tolmiroulis are the active twins. They like to be in motion.


  • 1 Che divertimento mascherarsil!
  • 2 Unisci i ciondoli e indossali!

Vispa e Teresa sono le gemelle energiche. Amano essere sempre impegnate!

English Translation:

  • 1 How fun it is to dress up!
  • 2 Join the pendants and wear them!

Lively and Teresa are the energetic twins. They love to always be busy!


Spanish Backcard
  • 1 ¡Qué divertido es disfrazarse!
  • 2 ¡Engancha los amuletos y póntelos!

Pony Aguijón y Pony Rayitas son las gemelas hiperactivas. Les encanta estar ocupadas. Pony Aguijón siempre tiene muchas ideas para jugar y a Pony Rayitas le encanta revolotear de un sitio a otro.

English Translation:

  • 1 How fun it is to dress up!
  • 2 Hook the charms and wear them!

Sting Pony and Striped Pony are the hyperactive twins. They love to be busy. Sting Pony always has lots of ideas for playing and Striped Pony loves to flutter from one place to another.


  • 1 Skojig att utsmycka
  • 2 Knäpp ihop berlockerna och ha på dig dem!

Humle og Brumle är de energiska tvillingama. De älskar att ha fullt upp att göra!

English Translation:

  • 1 Fun to decorate
  • 2 Snap the charms together and wear them!

Hop and Hum are the energetic twins. They love to be busy!

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