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Egmont Publishing is a swedish magazine printing company that is a subcompany to Egmont Media Group. Therefore this article will treat scandinavian releases of the magazine as the main releases and other releases as variants. [1][2][3]

My Little Pony


Issue #1 2014

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Issue #6 2014

Issue #6 2014, came with Fluttershy (Sweden)


The comic is a retold version of Daring Don't.


Issue #2 2015

Issue #2 2015, came with Scootaloo (Sweden)


The Cutie Mark Crusaders are talking about what their cutie marks would look like when Diamond Tiara suddenly surprises them. She asks Scootaloo if she has been too busy to remember her idols birthday and instantly ruins the mood of Scootaloo that now worries she won't have anything to surprise Rainbow Dash with tomorrow. Scootaloo decides it would be a good idea to split up with her friends for more effective planning while she "travels to Canterlot to talk to the Wonderbolts at the Wonderbolts Academy". Sweetie Belle and Applebloom thinks this is a bad idea and tells Rainbow Dash who travels to Canterlot to look for Scootaloo. She finds her talking to the Wonderbolts and Scootaloo is at first upset her surprise is ruined, but realizes what danger she put herself in by going alone. The company of friends head home and the next day a birthday party is held for Rainbow Dash and they watch the Wonderbolts perform, much to Diamond Tiaras disappointment.

Issue #4 2015

Issue #4 2015, came with Princess Twilight Sparkle (Sweden)


The Mane 6 is celebrating Friendship Day in ponyville and every pony gets to draw a note with a name on. The name on the note is supposed to receive a gift from them. Twilight receives Discord and laments that being kind to Discord is hard because he isn't particularly nice to her. When observing Fluttershy she suddenly gets an idea. She decides to write a letter to Discord offering his friendship, which he excitingly accepts.

Issue #5 2015

Issue #5 2015, came with DJ Pon-3 (Sweden)


Due to many days of heavy rain, the Mane 6 are stuck indoors with DJ Pon-3 that had to cancer her Ponyville concert. Every pony is lamenting about how boring it is until they realize that with help of DJ Pon-3s musical skills they can make time pass with fun so they set up a party where DJ Pon-3 gets to be the DJ. After some time they discover that the sky has cleared and explain that DJ Pon-3s music must've cheered the sun up to come out. The Mane 6 then say that they will return the favor to DJ Pon-3 by helping her set up her concert in ponyville, because that is what good friends do.

Issue #6 2015

Issue #6 2015, came with Applebloom (Sweden)


Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle travels away over the weekend while Applebloom stays in Ponyville. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon takes this opportunity to pick on Applebloom and to tell her that her friends will probably have their cutiemarks when they return and won't play with Applebloom anymore. As a result Applebloom spends the weekend doing activities trying to force her cutiemark to appear. Applebloom is distressed when her plans don't work and gets comforted by Applejack that insures her her friends wouldn't do that. The next day she meets Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle at the trainstation. They pull a small prank on her pretending to have their symbols by covering their flanks, but quickly let Applebloom know it was just for laughs. The story ends with the three friends telling each other they would never split apart even over their cutiemarks.


Issue #1 2016

Issue #1 2016, came with Trixie (Sweden)


The comic is a retold version of Pinkie Pride.

Issue #2 2016


Twilight Sparkle recieves a letter from Shining Armor talking about how he is excited to become a father but fears he can't hande the responsibility. Twilight decides then to travel to the Crystal Empire and visit her brother, bringing some gifts. She presents each one of the gifts to her brother and reminds him the story of each one of them, and lastly gives him his doll that he says is just like a "baby" to him. This reminds him that he never gave up the responsibility to care and protect those he cared most for and would always be a good father. Twilight ends the story by stating you should always stick up for family in need.

Issue #2 2016, came with Shining Armor (Sweden)

Issue #3 2016

Issue #3 2016, came with Starlight Glimmer (Sweden)


Starlight Glimmer is filled with regret from what she did to the ponies in her former village and decides to put on a talent show in order to amend her wrongdoings. She decides to meet up with Sugar Belle, Night Glider, Party Favor and Double Diamond to plan. She overhears Sugar Belle lamenting that she doesn't know what to do because they only rely on their special talents and it becomes repetitive, so Starlight switches the planning tasks around. After some troubles, the preparations are done. Party Favor confronts Starlight by asking why she did this, she explains she overheard them talking about the issue and worries she might have caused more trouble. Her friends then explain to her that they did in fact learn to try different things and be open with sharing their talents with others. The following day the ponies put on a party and she wonderbolts perform their show.

Issue #4 2016


Princess Cadence is working really hard with the preparations of her baby. Because of this Shining Armor suggest she should take a rest and refrain from doing anything while he and her subjects helps out. Cadence spends the entire day in bed doing nothing while being visited by her helping friends, lamenting that she isn't allowed to leave the house as she needs to rest. In the evening Mrs. Cake visits with baked goods for the celebration, she and Cadance have a conversation about her restrictions. Mrs. Cake in returns tell Cadence about how when she was expecting Mr. Cake was very overprotective, but things changed once he realized it did nothing to help. Shining Armor overhears this and walks in on the conversation, promting Mrs. Cake to inform him mistakes can always be corrected and that doing things when pregnant is okay as long as the activities are properly portioned out and not exhaustive. The following day Cadence and Shining Armor complete an activity on her list which is being photographed by Photo Finish.

Issue #4 2016, came with Princess Cadence (Sweden)

Issue #6 2016


The Cutie Mark Crusaders flops a magic trick performance before their class and feels defeated. Applebloom then reminds her friends how they met Trixie in the Everfree Forest when doing gymnastics and how she told them about how her cutie mark appeared. Her story starts in Appaloosa as a filly where she puts on a simple trick show but gets laughed at, so she continues on to Rainbow Falls where a "clumsy pony" crashes her show. She continues on to Manehattan and does a performance at Bridleway only to be scoffed at by the elite. Rather than giving up in humiliating defeat she practices until her cutie mark one day appears, thus making her magic performance great. This Applebloom suggests is the key to success, she then encourages her friends to practice more before the next trick show they do.

Issue #6 2016, came with Spike (Sweden)


Issue #1 2017


The comic is a retold version of The Crystalling - Part 1 and Part 2.

Issue #1 2017, came with Princess Flurry Heart (Sweden)

Issue #2 2017

Issue #2 2017, came with Wonderbolt Rainbow Dash (Sweden)


Rainbow Dash is practicing with the Wonderbolts in preparations for a show in the Crystal Empire. She gets caught up in her training that she forgets she was supposed to see Scootaloos talent and tricks show, help Pinkie Pie taste test cakes and carry Applejacks large apple. When she realizes this by the end of the day she is disheartened as she goes to bed. The following day she performs with the Wonderbolds and is surprised her friends are there to cheer her on. They let her know that even if she made a mistake in forgetting them, they would not abandon her.

Issue #3 2017

Issue #3 2017, came with Seamstress Rarity (Sweden)


Princess Celestia is holding a clothing designing contest that rewards the winner with tickets to a Bridleway musical in Manehattan. Every pony wants to win so the Mane 6, Cutie Mark Crusaders, Granny Smith and other residents of Ponyville enter the contest. However, because no pony is particularly well att sewing all of them end up asking Rarity for help. Due to her being so backed up with work she fails in completing her own dress, but her friends tell her they are sure she would win anyway due to sheer talent.

Issue #4 2017

Issue #4 2017, came with Glory Fluttershy (Sweden)


The Mane 6 and Cutie Mark Crusaders travel to Griffonstone to celebrate Friendship Day. Things go awry when the train is late and the ponies have to wait. When they arrive the griffons have already left the station to go home as they dislike waiting, but the ponies do their best to brighten the situation. Some arguments erupt between ponies and griffons on which ideas are better for the celebration, but they end up coming to terms. Pinkie Pie ends by saying that "everything don't have to be perfect, not even friendship".

Issue #5 2017

Issue #5 2017, came with Tempest Shadow and Princess Skystar (Sweden)


The comic is a retold version of early scenes from My Little Pony: The Movie (2017).

Also Included

  • Coloring Poster
  • Movie Poster
  • Board Game

Equestria Girls

Issue #4 2015


This comic is a retold version of Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks.

Issue #4 2015, came with two friendship bracelets (Sweden)

Issue #4 2016

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