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Series 1

There were six trading card series in all: four main ones with two dollar-store/mini series. A fifth was planned but never produced, and designs were posted by Enterplay to their Facebook in October 2019. On top of this, there were ten Collectible Card Game sets. Sets eleven and on are produced by a fan group that organizes meetups.

Series 1




Moments of Friendship


Foil Cards

Elements of Harmony (6-Card Subset)

Royal Wedding (9-Card Subset

Foil Parallel Cards

Discord 6-Card Puzzle Set

  • Only available in Collector's Binder

Special Foils

  • Not available in packs. [1]
Exclusive Foils



200px F35. Applejack (need image) Canterlot Gardens (Free) Sept 28-30, 2012

Hasbro Pop-up Shop NYC (Limited supply) Oct 11-15, 2012

S1-f36.jpg F36. Pinkie Pie Collector's Box 2012
200px F37. Rainbow Dash (need photo) SD Comic Con Aug 9-11, 2012

NY Comic Con Oct 11-14, 2012

S1-f38.jpg F38. Fluttershy EverFree Northwest Aug 17 – 19, 2012

Online Survey Sept 14-17, 2012

S1-f39.jpg F39. Twilight Sparkle Collector’s Tin (NYCC, Walmart, TRU, Meijer) October 2012
200px F40. Rarity (need photo) Bronycon Exclusive June 30 - July 1, 2012
S1-f41.jpg F41. "I just don't know what went wrong" (Special Pony/Derpy) NYCC (gift with purchase of poster) Oct 11-14, 2012
200px F42. DJ PON-3 & Octavia (need photo) Collector's Box 2012
200px F43. Untitled (Derpy) (need photo) Gift Tin 2013

Gold Series

  • available in packs

  • not available in packs, in 30-count box only

Pop-Up Standees



Tins, Boxes, and Binders

comes with exclusive card F42. DJ Pon-3 & Octavia
hot topic exclusive

Series 2

Series 3

Dollar Store Packs 1

Series 4

Dollar Store Packs 2

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