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Equestria Girls Celestia is a humanoid version of the G4 pony Princess Celestia, as depicted in the Equestria Girls franchise.

Media Appearances

The human version of Celestia is a counterpart to the pony version. Rather than being royalty, however, Celestia is instead the Principal of Canterlot High, with her sister Luna as Vice Principal. In the first film, after Twilight Sparkle's Element of Magic crown is stolen by Sunset Shimmer, it eventually ends up in Principal Celestia's hands, as it is believed to the crown for the upcoming Fall Formal, forcing Twilight to enter the contest to win it back. Principal Celestia also appears in the second film. Early on, she and Luna fall under the spell of the sirens, allowing the Sirens to begin their plans.


Doll & Pony Set

Celestia Doll & Pony.jpg
Celestia Doll & Pony Face.jpg
Celestia Doll & Pony MIB.jpg

Celestia was given a special release. Celestia came with a dress, shoes, a comb, attachable wings, and a purse. In addition, a molded figurine of Celestia's pony form was included. A sun-shaped gem was included, and could be attached to the pony or to human Celestia's purse.

Through the Mirror

Celestia TTM.jpg
Celestia TTM Face.jpg

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