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Media Appearances

The human version of Sunset Shimmer is a student at Canterlot High. She was the villain in the first Equestria Girls movie. She was reformed and became a main character for the rest of the series.


Pep Rally Single

Sunset Shimmer
Sunset Shimmer MIB

The Pep Rally Single of Sunset Shimmer is the only one from Pep Rally series that does not wear the school sweatshirt, ears, and tail. Instead, she is wearing her outfit from the first Equestria Girls movie.

Movie Collection

Movie Collection Sunset Shimmer
Movie Collection Set
Movie Collection Set MIB

Sunset Shimmer was included in the Movie Collection set with Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Starlight Glimmer, Daring Do Dazzle, and DJ Pon-3. She wears her standard outfit introduced in the Friendship Games movie and shorts. Her stand is a translucent red.

Rollin' Sushi Truck

Rollin' Sushi Truck Set
Sushi Truck Sunset Shimmer
Rollin' Sushi Truck MIB

Sunset Shimmer was released with a sushi truck as part of the mall collection. Her outfit is based on the one she wears in the "Good Vibes" music video.

Beach Single

Sunset Shimmer was released as a single in the Beach collection. She wears her beach outfit from the "Forgotten Friendship" special.

Theme Park Single

The Theme Park line includes a single of Sunset Shimmer. She wears her outfit introduced in the "Forgotten Friendship" special.

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