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Media Appearances

The human version of Sweetie Drops is a student at Canterlot High. She is a background character in the movies and several shorts, and she is featured in the "All's Fair in Love & Friendship Games" short alongside her best friend Lyra Heartstrings.



Sweetie Drop Neon Stock Photo.jpg

Her outfit is based on the one she wears in the "Life Is a Runway" music video.


Geometric Sweetie Drops
Geometric Sweetie Drops face
Geometric Sweetie Drops MIB

The Geometric release of Sweetie Drops has blue eyeshadow with candies and swirls on her left cheek. Her legs are blue with a pattern molded in to make it appear as if she is wearing stockings, and her hair is half pink and half blue. She wears an outfit based on the one she wears for the fashion show in the Legend of Everfree.

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