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Equestria Girls Trixie Lulamoon is a humanoid version of the G4 pony Trixie Lulamoon, as depicted in the film My Little Pony: Equestria Girls and associated media. While she is referred to in media as Trixie Lulamoon, she is simply referred to as Trixie in media.

Media Appearances

The human version of Trixie Lulamoon is a counterpart to the pony Rainbow Dash. She attends Canterlot High School, and makes minor appearances throughout the first film. In the short "Guitar Centered", she competes with Rainbow Dash for a double-necked guitar, but loses when Rainbow Dash assumes her half-pony form. However, Rainbow Dash chooses to keep the guitar she competed with, leaving Trixie with the double-necked guitar, which is outrageously expensive.

Trixie has a larger role in the sequel, where she competes in a band comptetition with her own band, Trixie and the Illusions.



Deluxe Trixie
Deluxe Trixie face
stock photo
stock photo

Trixie was released as part of the Rainbow Rocks lineup. She came with a her outfit from the end of Rainbow Rocks. She also came with a hairbrush, clip-in hair extension, and a double-necked guitar loosely based on her pony-counterpart's cutie mark. Her hair is pale blue with a blue and purple stripe. She has light blue eyeshadow on her left eye and a wand with a magic swirl over her right eye.

Dress Up

first outfit
second outfit
Dress-Up Trixie face

This version of Trixie has a yellow right leg and bright blue left leg. Her hair is a very pale blue with a purple stripe. One section is extra long to simulate a tail. She has purple eyeshadow and a wand with magic swirl over her right eye.

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