Fire and Flame

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Fire and Flame, Loose
Spanish MOC
  • Release Year: 2000
  • Availability: Europe
  • Series: Royal Twin Baby Ponies
  • Notes: It is not specified on the package which baby is which; therefore, it has been standard practice within the collecting community to name them left to right as they appear in their packages. These twins also have symbols only on their display sides, a feature that became standard with Generation 3.

Regional Names (English Translation)

  • Danish/Norwegian: Prinsesse Ild & Prinsesse Flamme (Princess Fire & Princess Flame)
  • Dutch:
  • Finnish: Prinsessa Tuikku & Prinsessa Liekki (Princess Nip & Princess Flame)
  • French: Princesse Chipie et Princesse Coquine (Princess Naughty & Princess Naughty)
  • German:
  • Greek:
  • Italian:
  • Spanish: Princesa Libel y Princesa Lula (?)
  • Swedish: Prinsessan Eld & Prinsessan Flamma (Princess Fire & Princess Flame)

Fire and Flame, Loose with Accessories

Fire Stats

Fire, Loose
  • Pose: Baby Sunbeam Pose
  • Body Color: Orange
  • Hair Color: Yellow Forelock and Tail, Fuchsia Mane; Iridescent Tinsel
  • Eye Color: Lavender with Blue Crystal
  • Symbol: Dark Magenta Escutcheon

Flame Stats

Flame, Loose
  • Pose: Baby Tickle Heart Pose
  • Body Color: Light Orange
  • Hair Color: Yellow Forelock and Mane, Fuchsia Tail; Iridescent Tinsel
  • Eye Color: Lavender with Blue Crystal
  • Symbol: Dark Magenta Escutcheon


Backcard Stories

English, Danish/Norwegian, Finnish, and Swedish Languages Backcard


Princess Fire and Princess Flame are high-spirited. They are always excited and ready for fun!

  • 1 Dress up Fun!
  • (Ribbon not included)
  • 2 Snap charms together to make a beautiful castle charm!


Prinsesse Ild og Prinsesse Flamme er fulde af/fulle av liv. De er altid/alltid i godt humør og rede til sjov/klar for moro!

  • 1 Udklædningssjovt/Kle for moro!
  • (Bänd fulger ikke med)
  • 2 Klem smykkerne/smykkene sammen tilet flot/flott vedhang/anheng!

English Translation:

Princess Fire and Princess Flame are full of life. They are always/always in a good mood and ready for fun/ready for fun!

  • 1 Dress up fun/Dress up for fun!
  • (Band not included)
  • 2 Clamp the jewellery/jewelry together for a nice/nice pendant/pendant!



Prinsessa Tuikku ja Prinsessa Liekki ovat henkeviä. He ovat aina innoissaan ja valmiina kaikkeen hauskaan!

  • 1 Pue hauskasti!
  • (Nauha er tule mukana)
  • 2 Napsauta riipukset yhteen ja niistä tulee kaunis linnarilpus!

English Translation:

Princess Nip and Princess Flame are spirited. They are always excited and ready for all the fun!

  • 1 Dress up fun!
  • (The tape is not included)
  • 2 Click the pendants together and they become a beautiful castle pendant!



Spanish Backcard

La Princesa Libel y la Princesa Lula tienen muy buen humor. iSiempre están preparadas para divertirse! Les encanta disfrazarse de libélulas y van por todo el castillo sorprendiendo a los demás ponys con sus gracias.

  • 1 ¡Qué divertido es disfrazarlas!
  • (La cinta no está incluida)
  • 2 ¡Une los dos amuletos para crear un precioso amuleto del castillo!

English Translation:

Princess Libel and Princess Lula have very good humor. They are always ready to have fun! They love dressing up as dragonflies and go around the castle surprising the other ponies with their graces.

  • 1 How fun it is to dress them up!
  • (Ribbon is not included)
  • 2 Join the two charms to create a beautiful castle charm!


Prinsessan Eld och Prinsessan Flamma är eldiga typer. De är alltid ivriga och pigga på att ha skoj!

  • 1 Det är kul att klä sig fin!
  • (Bandet ar inta inkfuderat)
  • 2 Knäpp ihop berlockerna så att de bildar en vacker slottsberlock!

English Translation:

Princess Fire and Princess Flame are fiery types. They are always eager and eager to have fun!

  • 1 It's fun to dress nice!
  • (The band is not included)
  • 2 Snap the charms together to form a beautiful castle charm!

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