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Butterick Patterns

See Plush Pony Patterns for more information.

Knitting Patterns

MLP knitting patterns also appeared as articles in various magazines including Bond and Woman's Weekly.


Color and Sew

Sewing Boards

Sewing Kits

  • marked 1986 SMOBY


Posey Ribbon.jpg
Applejack ribbon MIP.jpg

Craft ribbon featuring different G1 ponies was produced in the 1980's. You could get both 16mm and 24mm wide ribbons and it was sold both on spools and in sealed packets.

Ribbons featuring the following characters were available:-

Rubber Stamps


  • Made by Stampos
  • Features "Unicorn Ponies" the stamp is blue with a round base
  • Features "Unicorn Ponies" the stamp is yellow with a round base

Moondancer Stamp Base
Cherries Jubilee (UK) Stamp Base


Packaging (back)

Wooden Stamp Set

Wooden Rubber Stamp Set (incomplete)

Stained Glass

Released as a 7 Piece Stained Glass Kit in 1984 by Bake a Craft™ by JRI INC from Harrison, NJ. This kit is numbered #5313. It featured metal frames of Moondancer, Applejack, Bubbles, Medley, Lemon Drop with Brandy, Peachy with Twinkles and Dream Castle with a rainbow in the clouds.

Shrinky Dinks



Made by Smoby (French Toy Company)


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