G1 ID Baby Sea Pony

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Sea Sparkle Baby Sea Ponies

Does she has a necklace printed around her neck like a symbol?

Water Color Baby Sea Ponies

Does she have bizarre soft, silky, yarn-like hair? Does she have a certain translucence about her?

The body and hair of this set changes color in warm water, this feature may falter do to hard use/time. So the pony may get stuck in one color or another, the images shown here may not necessarily be the same color as your pony so check the possible colors in the description.

Pretty and Pearly Baby Sea Ponies

Does she have a lovely pearly sheen? Look carefully, this can be very much worn off.

Basic Baby Sea Ponies

Is she pretty much 'regular'? Regular hair, matte body, no neck symbol, only the little dash marks on her fins.