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This page is for all the cool catalog pages, pamphlets, and inserts that remind you to buy more My Little Ponies. Also links to TV ads, cool pony appearances in TV shows, books, etc. Even backcards, even though they are on individual pony pages, they can be organized in groups by release here. Whatever you think fits!

These pamphlets generally came with the ponies, they showed the sets the ponies came in for that year and there were also mail order pamphlets as well.

G1 Backcards

All the G1 backcard photos can be found in the G1 Backcard Photo Gallery.

They also appear on pages of the ponies that they refer to.

Tv Ads

Mail Order Pamphlets

My Little Pony Adventure Cruise

Offer good through December 31, 1990

Ponies available for mail order:


It's a Beach Party!

Offer good through June 30, 1990.

Ponies available for mail order:


A Day at the Beach!

Offer good through September 30, 1990.

Ponies available for mail order:


Birthday Party

Offer good through June 30, 1991.

Ponies available for mail order:


Birthflower Pony Pamphlet

Offer good through ---.

Ponies available for mail order:

  • Birthflower Ponies
  • Pretty Parlor


Birthflower Ponies Pamphlet 2

Offer good through ...

Ponies and items available for mail order:

Birthflower offer 1.jpg
Birthflower 2.jpg
Birthflower 3.jpg

Hollywood Pamphlet

Lucky Pamphlet


Mommy Charms Pamphlet


Ponyland Pamphlet

Fact File Pamphlet

Our Favorite Things

Makeup Pamphlet

Sparkle Pony Pamphlet

Offer good through June 30, 1989.

Ponies available for mail order:

  • Sparkle Ponies
  • So Soft Megan and Sundance
Sparkle-pamphlet1.jpg Sparkle-pamphlet5.jpg

Collectors/Birthflowers/Free Poster Booklet

Offer good through June 30, 1987.

Ponies available for mail order:

  • 1. Snuzzle $3 +2 Horseshoe Pts.
  • 2. Buttersotch $3 +2 Horseshoe Pts.
  • 3. Blue Belle $3 +2 Horseshoe Pts.
  • 4. 'Blossom $3 +2 Horseshoe Pts.
  • 5. Minty $3 +2 Horseshoe Pts.
  • 6. Cotton Candy $3 +2 Horseshoe Pts.
  • 7. All six Collector Ponies $15 (special offer)
  • 8. Show Stable $20 + 4 Horseshow Pts.
  • 9. All six Collector Ponies and Show Stable $32.50 (special offer)
  • 10. Carnation (January) $3 +2 Horseshoe Pts.
  • 11. Violet (February) $3 +2 Horseshoe Pts.
  • 12. Daffodil (March) $3 +2 Horseshoe Pts.
  • 13. Daisy (April) $3 +2 Horseshoe Pts.
  • 14. Lily of the Valley (May) $3 +2 Horseshoe Pts.
  • 15. Rose (June) $3 +2 Horseshoe Pts.
  • 16. Water Lily (July) $3 +2 Horseshoe Pts.
  • 17. Poppy (August) $3 +2 Horseshoe Pts.
  • 18. Morning Glory (September) $3 +2 Horseshoe Pts.
  • 19. Cosmos (October) $3 +2 Horseshoe Pts.
  • 20. Chrysanthemum (November) $3 +2 Horseshoe Pts.
  • 21. Holly (December) $3 +2 Horseshoe Pts.
  • 22. All twelve Birthflower Ponies $30 (special offer)
  • 23. Pretty Parlor $6 + Horseshoe Pts.
  • 24. My Little Pony Fan Club Membership $5










Collector Ponies/ Birthlower Ponies / Fan Club Pamphlet

Offer good through ...

Ponies and items available for mail order:

Collector offer 1.jpg
Collector offer 2.jpg
Collector offer 3.jpg

Beautiful Baby Pony Insert

The very first offer for Ember before she was named.

Ember the Baby Pony Insert

The second offer for Ember after she was named.

Mail Order Collectors Insert

This came in the bags with the mail order collectors ponies.

Blue Ribbon and the Adventures in Ponyland Game

Megan and Sundance Journey Pamphlet

"Megan and Sundance and going on a journey. Won't you Join them? See inside for Stable Fables details."

Party Pack Exclusive Offer

Exclusive Offers leaflet (UK) featuring Dancing Butterflies, Love Melody, Tutti Frutti and Sugarberry on the front, offers inside for the Carry Case, party packs and Playmat, and Flutterbye on the back. Offer ended Feb 1990.

Pony Club Leaflets

My Little Pony Fan Club (US)

Prize Pamphlet

Join the Fan Club insert


Fan Club Poster

22x13 inches


Activity Club (UK)

Range Catalogue Leaflet

Year 2 Catalogue

Note the prototype [Brushes] available in colours that were never made in the "Welcome to the World of My Little Pony" leaflet.

Year 3 Catalogue

Year 4 Catalogue

Year 6 Catalogue

Year 8 Catalogue

Year 10 Catalogue

Range Catalogue Leaflets UK


Prototype Pamphlets

Catalogue Pages

Catalogs for Consumers

Toy Fair Catalogs

Prototype Catalog

European Year Eleven Pamphlet

Came with Baby Diamond and probably all the other ponies it featured. In Sweden but most likely also in German and probably also other european countries too.

Greek El Greco Pamphlets

Inside the pamphlet reads: "8 chromata make a beautiful collection." Above the 8 collector ponies reads: "8 ponies"


Swedish 1989 Advert
Swedish advert
Swedish advert

Restaurant Media

Perkins Poster

Perkins Poster 1989, 22x17 in inches

See also


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