G1 Petite Ponies

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A petite with a molded tail

Petite Ponies are very tiny, made of hard plastic, and have a horse shoe indentation on the bottoms which opens locks to the home and shops. Most of them were also not named so they can only be identified by colour and symbol. Their symbols appear only on one side.

Year Eight (1989-1990)

Pretty Pony Parade

G1 Sunsparkle Petites, Ponytail Set 1 and Pretty Pony Parade MOC

Sunsparkle Ponies

(translucent bodies)

Pretty 'n Pearly Ponies

(pearlized bodies)

Ponytail Ponies

Set One

Set Two


Set Three

Petite Pony Homes

Petite Pony Shoppes

Year Nine (1990-1991)

Twinkle Ponies

(translucent bodies filled with glitter)

Party set

Royal set

Music set

Bright Sight Ponies

(neon colors and brush-able tails)

Fruit Symbols

Summer Symbols

Skating/Biking Symbols

Glowing Magic Ponies

G1 Glowing Magic Petites MOC and others

(glow in the dark ponies with brush-able tails)




European exclusives

These Petites were manufactured by the company Globo but not under license from Hasbro so are technically fakies.

They have stamps at the bottom and came in various colour and symbol combinations. They were only released in Europe.

G2 Petites

Hasbro made a four pony set of petites with combable tails of G2: Ivy, Sundance, Sweet Berry, and Light Heart. This set was available at a convention only.

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