G3 Rainbow Flash

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G3 Rainbow Flash

Rainbow Flash was released once as part of the Super Long Hair Ponies set in 2004. Soon after she was re-released with an unamed bonus pony Baby Romperooni.

Super Long Hair Rainbow Flash

G3 Rainbow Flash
G3 Rainbow Flash
G3 Rainbow Flash Symbol
G3 Rainbow Flash MIB

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Rainbow Dash Pose
  • Body Colour: Pink
  • Hair Colour: Orange, pink, purple and yellow mane and pink and purple tail
  • Eye Colour: Purple with rainbow highlight and green heart symbol
  • Symbol: Sun poking out behind cloud with rainbow above
  • Hoof Heart: Green

Purple tiara, two purple and pink star-shaped hairclips with ribbons (one rainbow-coloured, the other irridescent) and a pink bow brush.

Backcard Stories

G3Bonus pack Rainbow Flash Backcard

Rainbow Flash is always on the move, and she makes sure to look her best wherever she goes! Before a big event, you can find her at the Celebration Salon, getting her ribbons and bows added to a fancy new hairdo!

Celebration Salon with Amberlocks sold seperatly.

Brush and style her long beautiful hair!

Super Long Hair Rainbow Flash Bonus Pack

G3Bonus pack Rainbow Flash MIB
Canadian Packaging

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