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Cheerilee is a G4 Earth Pony. She is based off of G3 Cheerilee and has appeared as a supporting character in the TV Show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Media Appearances

Animated Cheerilee

Animated Pony Stats

  • Body Colour: Magenta
  • Hair Colour: Pink and light pink
  • Eye Colour: Green
  • Symbol: Three smile flowers

Cheerilee first appears in Friendship is Magic episode Call of the Cutie. She is a teacher at Ponyville's school, where she teaches young ponies in a variety of subjects, including cutie marks. She claims that her cutie mark is based off of her desire to see her students bloom with knowledge. In the episode Hearts and Hooves Day, she is the victim of a potion that causes her and Big McIntosh to fall in love with each other.

Cheerilee is voiced by Nicole Oliver.


Year Two (2011)

Playful Pony Cheerilee


Pony Stats

  • Pose: G4 Pinkie Pie Pose
  • Body Colour: Hot pink
  • Hair Colour: Pink and light pink
  • Eye Colour: Green
  • Symbol: Pink flower with two smaller flowers


Back Card Stories

US Backcard
European Backcard

Cheerilee is a wonderful teacher!She cares about each of her pony students,and loves to help them learn and grow.

McDonalds Happy Meal


Ponyville Schoolhouse

Ponyville Schoolhouse with Cheerilee
MIB Ponyville Schoolhouse

CHEERILEE is a wonderful teacher! She cares about each of her students, and loves to help them learn and grow. It’s time for school! Your CHEERILEE pony figure will swing open the schoolhouse door, invite all the other ponies (each sold separately) and little animals to come to class, then teach them using the chalkboard that spins around. The best part about school — recess! When they’re not learning how to read and write, your animal figures can slide and swing in the playground. When they want to show their special teacher how much they like her, they can bring in her favorite treat — apples! Includes schoolhouse playset, pony figure, bunny, squirrel, teacher’s desk, 2 student desks, 2 book stacks, apples and glasses.

  • suggested retail: $14.99

Pony School Pals and Cheerilee

Stock photo
Stock photo

Cheerilee was included in the Pony School Pals and Cheerilee set with Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo.

Backcard Story


APPLE BLOOM, SWEETIE BELLE and SCOOTALOO really want to earn their cutie marks, and they're not afraid of getting on stage to perform at the school talent show! Their teacher, CHEERILEE, is there to cheer them on!

Blind Bag Cheerilee

Blind Bag Cheerilee

Year Three (2012)

McDonalds Happy Meal


Afternoon Picnic with Cheerilee


CHEERILEE goes to the park for a picnic. She invites all of her animal friends along and brings plenty of snacks to share! Have a picnic and invite your pony friend CHEERILEE and her animal friends! Put the "carrots" and "lettuce" in the basket and take along the table, chair and umbrella for a lovely afternoon outside. Hitch your CHEERILEE pony figure to the wagon, and put her saddle and hat on! It will be the best picnic ever with your CHEERILEE pony figure!

Year Four (2013)

My Little Pony Cutie Mark Crusaders & Friends Collection


Cheerilee came in a collectors release.

"It's time for pony school! Your Cutie Mark Crusaders & Friends Collection has a whole class full of pony fun. Your Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo pony figures will learn a lesson about Cutie Marks from their teacher, your Cheerilee figure! The collection also includes Silver Spoon, Twist-a-loo and Star Dreams pony figures for even more ""horsing"" around. Be the best and the ""cutiest"" in your class with the Cutie Mark Crusaders & Friends Collection!"

Year Five (2014)

Single Bagged Cheerilee


Rainbow Power Neon Cheerilee

100 7871.JPG

My Little Pony POP Cheerilee Starter Kit


Year Eight (2017)

Reboot Single


All About Friends Singles

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Posable Figures

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Year Nine (2018)

School of Friendship

Pony Friends Singles

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