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Egmont Publishing Comics

These comics were released over Europe and came with a little plastic pony, larger than G4 Blind Bag Ponies, there is also an Equestria Girls variant that comes with accessories instead. The Pony ones are referred to as "My Favorite" and the Equestria Girls one as "Kids Special" in stores. They are released in various European languages.

My Little Pony




Equestria Girls


IDW Publishing Comics

Friendship is Magic Comics

Issue #1

Release Date: November 28, 2012

Pages: 32

Writer: Katie Cook

Artist: Andy Price

Publisher: IDW

Summary: Welcome to Ponyville, home of Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, and all your other favorite Ponies! Something's not right in the town though, as some of the inhabitants are acting very, very strange! It's up to the Mane Six to find the source of the weirdness before it's too late!


Issue #2


Issue #3

Issue #8

Issue #10

Issue #21

Issue #22


Issue #41

Release Date: N/A

Pages: 32

Writer: Katie Cook

Artist: Andy Price

Publisher: IDW

Summary: "Rainbow Dash’s Very Bad Day" A good day turns bad and Dash can’t shake her bad mood. Before long, it infects all of those around her. What can cure this case of the grumpies?!

Micro Fun Packs

  • Series of 4 Micro-comics that came with a micro-poster, sticker sheet, and tattoo
  • Released in 2013

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