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In G4 Hasbro made the heads and bodies interchangeable rather than the bodies and heads making unique poses. With this Hasbro reached its' highest point of minimal number of poses until rebooting the line in 2017, with generation 2 coming in second for least amount of poses.

Thusly the poses are broken up into the differing heads and bodies, and all ponies with either that body/head appear on that page. (Blind Bag ponies are solid, so this does not apply to them.)

Regular Scale (3" / 7cm)

Baby Poses

Fashion Style Poses

6" / 14cm

Blind Bag Poses

2017 Reboot

In 2017, Hasbro rebooted the line. Kept were the same characters that have been previously released, but the molds were updated to be more show-accurate. This resulted in larger heads, skinnier legs, and a lack of eye-sculpting so any eye stamp may be used on any head. There were also a larger variety of poses from G4, with many more leg shapes and options. These ponies have two head versions for each species, barring Alicorns and stallions: closed and open-mouthed.

Brushable Scale (3"/7cm) Adults



Brushable Scale Fillies

Fashion Size Scale Adults

Brushable Scale Alicorns

Brushable Scale Seaponies

Brushable Scale Other Species

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