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Generation 1 is the term applied to My Little Ponies made by Hasbro between 1981 and 1992. They are often referred to as G1.


These pages all pertain to the main scale of My Little Pony toys, this includes the accessories and playsets for such toys.

G1 Ponies
This page is a chronological list of My Little Pony toy releases.
G1 Exclusive Ponies
This page covers the pony toys that had limited distribution. Toys not available in North American are generally considered by collectors: International Ponies, Exclusive Ponies, and UK Exclusive Ponies (though the term UK Exclusive is often over used by North Americans).
G1 Nirvana Ponies
This page covers the toy variants with extremely limited distribution. Generally available in only one country, thusly the page is organized by country.
G1 Pony Accessories
This page is a resource for identifying the accessories that came packaged with My Little Ponies.
G1 Pony Outfits
This page covers the separately sold outfits for G1 ponies.
G1 Playsets
This page covers the playsets made for G1 ponies. These are generally houses, though there are a few carriages and beds.

Other My Little Pony Toys/Merchandise

Petite Ponies
This page mini hard plastic pony toys (about 1" high).
Mummy Charms
charms about the size of petite ponies, to be worn on a charm bracelet
Plush Ponies
The page lists the baby and adult plush ponies produced from only 1985-1987.

Happy Meal Toys
In G1 book charms were available from McDonalds
Porcelain Figurines
Slightly smaller than regular ponys

This page scratches the surface of the wide variety of My Little Pony themed items for children produced in G1. I.e. clothing, dishes, puzzles, etc.

My Little Pony Fiction

G1 Characters
This page lists characters that appeared in the My Little Pony TV show, movies, and comics.

My Little Pony characters can be divided into three types. Those that were both produced as toys and appearing on the TV show, movies and comics, those that only appeared in the aforementioned media (no toy), and those who were only produced as toys. This page covers these first two types.

G1 TV and Movies
This page lists all the movies and TV series episodes.
G1 Comic Books
UK exclusive My Little Pony comics
G1 Books
various books about the My Little Pony characters

Paper about Ponies

G1 Pamphlets and Media
This page includes any kind of print media about My Little Ponies. I.e. Catalog pages, mail order forms, inserts, etc.
G1 Backcard Photos
This is an image gallery of backcard. The portion of a toy's packaging with a ponies story/bio.

Image Galleries

G1 Pony Photos
image gallery of loose My Little Ponies
G1 MIP Pony Photos
image gallery of mint in package My Little Ponies
G1 Plush Photos
image gallery of plushies

Generation 1 Other

Pony Release Years


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