Giggle Garden Nursery with Flitter

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Flitter, Loose
English, Danish/Norwegian, Swedish, and Finnish Languages MIB
Playset Shown with Polka and Dot

The Giggle Garden Nursery is a Year Four (2000) preschool-themed playset that includes Baby Flitter.

  • Release Year: 2000
  • Availability: Europe
  • Series: Playsets
  • Notes: The playset accessories have three color variations. Like many other G2 playsets, the nursery playset also folds up for storage or travel.

Regional Names (English Translation)

  • Danish/Norwegian: Pony-Børnehave med Vimseline/Ponni-Barnehage med Vimsekopp (Pony Kindergarten with Whimsical/Pony Kindergarten with Cup of Tea)
  • Dutch: Fladdertje (Flutter)
  • Finnish: Ponilastentarha – Liehu (Pony Nursery – Slow)
  • French: Rêveuse à l'École (Dreamer at School)
  • German: Kindergarten mit Babypony Flatterchen (Kindergarten with Baby Pony Flutter)
  • Greek: ΕΛΑΦΡΟΥΛΑ – ELAFROULA (Lightly)
  • Italian: Frivolina (Frivolous)
  • Spanish: La Guardería de Pony Revoltosa (Unruly Pony’s Daycare)
  • Swedish: Ponny-Förskolan med Virrig (Pony Preschool with Confused)

Pony Stats

Flitter with Some Accessories
  • Pose: Baby Dreamer Pose
  • Body Color: Salmon
  • Hair Color: White Forelock, Sky Blue Mane and Tail
  • Eye Color: Pale Purple with Blue Crystal
  • Symbol: Blue Butterfly with Tiny Blue Flowers Swirling Outside a Blue Heart

Playset Accessories


Backcard Stories



Flitter is scatterbrained. She can never decide what to do.

  • An outdoor playground! What fun!
  • 1 2-sided mat for playtime fun or comfy naptime!
  • 2 Snack time! Flip the shelf down for milk and cookies!


Vimseline falder altid i staver/er vimset, hun kan ikke bestemme sig for, hvad hun vil.

English Translation: Whimsical is always in trouble, she can't decide what she wants.


Fladdertje is een kleine warhoofd, ze kan maar niet besluiten wat ze will doen.

English Translation: Flutter is a little confused, she can't decide what she wants to do.


Liehu on hassu, hän ei osaa päättää, mitä tekisi.

English Translation: Slow is funny, she can't decide what to do.


Rêveuse est très étourdie, elle ne sait jamais ce qu'elle veut faire. Par contre, elle aime bien aller à l'école car elle y trouve toujours quelque chose à faire: glisser sur le toboggan, écrire au tableau, prendre le goûter ou encore faire la sieste!

English Translation: Dreamer is very forgetful, she never knows what she wants to do. On the other hand, she likes going to school because she always finds something to do there: slide down the slide, write on the board, have a snack or even take a nap!



Frivolina é indecisa, non sa mai cosa fare.

English Translation: Frivolous is undecided, she never knows what to do.



Virrig är en virrpanna som inte kan bestämma sig för vad hon vill göra.

English Translation: Confused is a hothead who can't decide what she wants to do.

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