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Wishes Do Come True Project prototypes

High Quality G1 Customs (HQG1C) - Wishes Do Come True... is a fan-made project to make mass produced custom ponies set in the works by members of the G1 collector pony community.

The purpose of HQG1C is to revive the nostalgic memories of collectors childhoods, hence the subtitle "Wishes Do Come True." Characters within the project are designed and inspired by collectors themselves, giving each and every custom a meaningful background story.

The ponies are made of high quality eco-friendly, blow-molded plastic, with a fully rooted mane and plugged tail. Mane, tail and symbols are all done by hand, which bring HQG1C ponies to life. Occasionally the project also releases optional "blanks," ponies that do not have specific names or symbols, and are designed to be a blank canvas of sorts for collectors who would like to design their own.

Wishes Do Come True..

The first character of this set was Genie.



Glitter Island


Glitter Island

Love Collection

Playful Babies

Each of these ponies is named by their symbol and comes in four different body/hair color variations, for the possibility of owning 4 ponies with each name. They were sold in groups of 4 as Set A, Set B, Set C, and set D.

Holiday Ponies

White Customizable Ponies


Holiday Ponies

Glitter Island

Customizable Glitter Blanks

Farmer Boys

Convention Exclusives

Date Night Ponies

Coming Soon


Holiday Collection


Convention Exclusives


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