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Hip Holly, Loose
French MOC
  • Release Year: 1999
  • Availability: Europe, possibly North America
  • Series: Secret Surprise Friends
  • Notes: This is Hip Holly’s singular release. She is the only G2 with a translucent body filled with confetti, similar to the G1 Glow 'n Show Ponies. As with the later released G3 Divine Shine Ponies, she is prone to plasticizer leakage. This occurs when the substance that makes pony PVC soft and squishy begins to leach out. Storing ponies with silica gel packets can halt or delay this process, and it is best to periodically wash or wipe down your ponies until the leaching stops when all of the material is gone.

Regional Names (English Translation)

  • Dutch: Happy Hippie
  • Finnish:
  • French: Miss Gadget
  • German:
  • Greek: ΤΥΧΕΡΟΥΛΑ – Tycheroula (Lucky)
  • Italian: Vanitella
  • Norwegian:
  • Spanish: Pony Moderna (Modern Pony)
  • Swedish:

Pony Stats

Hip Holly, Loose with Accessories
  • Pose: Clever Clover Pose
  • Body Color: Translucent Orange with Orange and Yellow Round Confetti
  • Hair Color: Fluorescent Yellow Forelock, Red Orange Mane and Tail
  • Eye Color: Lime Green with Green Crystal
  • Symbol: Three Yellow Flowers

Backcard Stories

French Backcard


Welcome to Ponyland the magical world of My Little Pony! Here, the ponies play together and have all kinds of exciting adventures! Join in the fun - the ponies love making friends they can keep forever!

  • Trendy pony Hip Holly has a beeper and cell phone to keep her up to date and a ring for you to share.

Hip Holly is the trendiest pony. Whatever the latest fad is, she wants to be part of it! Her cell phone and beeper let her keep up with the hottest trends.


Welkom in Ponyland, de magische wereld van My Little Pony! Hier spelen de Pony's en beleven zij allerlei fantastische avonturen! Kom erbij, ze zijn dol op nieuwe vriendinnetjes! En... sluit vriendschap voor het leven!

  • Hippe bloemenpоnу met allemaal geweldige accessoires!

Happy Hippie is helemaal van deze tijd. Wat de nieuwste trend ook is, zij doet eraan mee! Haar zaktelefoon en pieper zorgen dat ze altijd als eerste alles weet van de laatste mode.

English Translation: Welcome to Ponyland, the magical world of My Little Pony! Here the Ponies play and experience all kinds of fantastic adventures! Come join us, they love new friends! And... make friends for life!

  • Hip flower pоnу with all kinds of great accessories!

Happy Hippie is completely contemporary. Whatever the latest trend is, she's in on it! Her cell phone and pager ensure that she is always the first to know about the latest fashion.



Bienvenue dans les Jardins l'Amitié, le monde merveilleux de Mon Petit Poney. Ici, les petits ponets jouent tous ensemble et vent de fabuleuses aventures! Viens t'amuser avec eux et deviens leur amie pour la vie!

  • Miss Gadget a plein d'accessoires amusents.

Miss Gadget est très "branchée". Elle veur toujours avoir les demiers accessoires en vogue. Gràce à son téléphone portable et à son bip, elle se tient au courant des demières modes!

English Translation: Welcome to Friendship Gardens, the wonderful world of My Little Pony. Here, the little ponies all play together and have fabulous adventures! Come have fun with them and become their friend for life!

  • Miss Gadget has lots of fun accessories.

Miss Gadget is very "hip". She always wants to have the latest fashionable accessories. Thanks to her cell phone and its beep, she keeps up to date with the latest fashions!




Benvenuta nel Giardino dell'Amicizia; il magico mondo dei My Little Pony! Qui tutti i pony giocano insieme e inventano tante avventure magiche e divertenti! Stai sempre con loro: i Pony ti aspettano nel loro magico Mondo!

  • Il pony più trendy con gli accessori più alla moda.

Vanitella Magica Sorpresa è il pony più trendy. Ama moltissimo seguire le ultimissime mode. Tiene sempre acceso il suo cellulare per essere sempre informata su tutte le novità.

English Translation: Welcome to the Garden of Friendship; the magical world of My Little Pony! Here all the ponies play together and invent many magical and fun adventures! Always stay with them: the Ponies are waiting for you in their magical world!

  • The trendiest pony with the trendiest accessories.

Vanitella Magic Surprise is the trendiest pony. He loves following the latest fashions very much. She always keeps her cell phone turned on to stay informed about all the news.



¡Bienvenida a Ponylandia, el mundo de Mi Pequeño Pony! Aquí los ponys juegan juntos y viven emocionantes aventuras. ¡Únete a ellos!... A los ponys les encantará que te conviertas en su nueva amiga.

  • ¡Pony Moderna tiene un montón de accesorios chulisimos!
  • ¡Consigue toda la colección de Mi Pequeño Pony!

Pony Moderna es la más actual. Está siempre al día de las últimas noticias y novedades. Tiene su teléfono móvil y su "busca" siempre preparado para enterarse de todo ¿Quieres contarle tú algún secretito?

English Translation: Welcome to Ponyland, the world of My Little Pony! Here the ponies play together and have exciting adventures. Join them!... The ponies will love that you become their new friend.

  • Modern Pony has a lot of cool accessories!
  • Get the entire My Little Pony collection!

Modern Pony is the most current. Always up to date with the latest news and developments. He has his mobile phone and his pager always ready to find out everything. Do you want to tell him a little secret?


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