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G1 Blossom, on her top left hoof is ©1982 HASBRO

Hoof Markings are a method used to identify ponies. The bottom of a My Little Pony's hoof will be stamped with information relating to the year of copyright and country of origin. Hoof markings are especially useful in G1, which saw a wide variety of ponies in a large number of countries.



The year stamped on the hoof has been a source of confusion but indicates the year a particular pony pose was copyrighted. If a pose is reused in later years, the year will not be updated. Thus pony made in 1993 may have a year marking of 1983 under her hoof.


The second most common confusion concerns the country. The country stamp should indicate which country produced a pony, but not necessarily what country the pony was sold to consumers. Also, certain countries used other countries ponies to make molds, so those ponies can have lingering ghost stamps of countries on their hooves, that do not in fact refer to the country they were made in.

Hong Kong


Colombian Blue Belle, marked italy
  • Colombian ponies may be marked ITALY on their hooves, but this does not make them either Italian nor made in Italy.



Indian Butterscotch, made by playskool



Mexican Butterscotch, unmarked hooves, made by auriken



Venezuelan Firefly, her hoof says " '83 hasbro ". with all other hooves blank.

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