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Iris and her friends
Locket, with Iris and Pandora
Toy version of Iris (left) and Pandora (right)

Iris is a yellow bee, one of the animal friends who came with the Baby Bonnet School of Dance and who featured in the G1 comic books. She is good friends with Baby Half Note and the other Baby Bonnet School of Dance animal friends, Pandora the lilac bee, Yolande the yellow swan, Lucinda the purple swan, and the rabbits Hop and Jump.

For a long time Iris and her friends took care of Baby Half Note, who was stuck on an island in the middle of Swan Lake. Baby Half Note was unable to get off the island until a magic key led Locket to Swan Lake. Locket then led them all back to Pony Land.

Iris is the messenger of the animal friends. She sometimes runs messages for the dragons who live nearby in the Land of Dragons.

Sometimes Iris is drawn to resemble her toy appearance (from the Baby Bonnet School of Dance), other times she is drawn to look more like a real bee.


  • My Little Pony #53 - Iris and her five friends appear for the first time, living at Swan Lake. [1]


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