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Magic Motion Poses are capable of different movements (ie. turn pony's head and leg will raise or lower). There are seven different actions, categorized as Motions A through G.

Ivy Pose (Motion A)

Ivy Pose ponies all have Motion A. Pony's front right leg moves up and down when her head is turned.

Moon Shadow Pose (Motion B)

All Moon Shadow Pose ponies use Motion B. In this motion, the pony's head lowers when her tail is pressed.

Tipsy Tulip Pose (Motion C)

Tipsy Tulip Pose mirrors Clever Clover Pose. Ponies with Motion C will move their heads when the plastic pieces at the bases of their tails are spun.

Sundance Pose (Motion D)

Pose D was used only once for Sundance (1997). Her tail swishes back and forth when her head is turned.

Dainty Dove Pose (Motion E)

In Dainty Dove Pose, both rear legs can move at the hip. This is Motion E.

Light Heart Pose (Motion F)

Pose F was also used only once for Light Heart (1997). All four legs can move at hips and shoulders so that she can lie down. Her head can also be set in a down "resting" pose that will pop up when her tail is pressed down.

Lady Cupcake Pose (Motion G)

Lady Cupcake Pose also appears only once in the G2 line. Her front left hoof moves when her head is turned.

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