Lady Waterfall

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Lady Waterfall, Loose
Lady Waterfall, MOC

Regional Names (English Translation)

  • Danish/Norwegian:
  • Dutch: Koningin Waternimf (Queen Water Nymph)
  • Finnish:
  • French: Reine Ondine (Queen Ondine)
  • German:
  • Greek:
  • Italian: Reginetta Cascatella (Queen Waterfall)
  • Spanish:
  • Swedish:

Pony Stats

Lady Waterfall, Loose with Accessories
  • Pose: Ivy Pose
  • Body Color: Yellow
  • Hair Color: Sky Blue and Navy Mane, Navy Tail with Silver Tinsel
  • Eye Color: Pale Blue with Dark Blue Crystal
  • Symbol: Blue Waterfall

Backcard Stories




  • Collect all the My Little Ponies and share in their adventures.
  • 1 Lady Waterfall is walking in the forest when she comes to a beautiful waterfall.
  • 2 Make Lady Waterfall push the magic button on the base of the waterfall …
  • 3 … A secret case in the waterfall opens and inside you will find a beautiful ring for you, in the same style as Lady Waterfall’s precious jewels!




  • Verzamel alle My Little Ponies en beleef vele leuke avonturen met hen!
  • 1 Koningin Waternimf wandelt door het bos en ontdekt een prachtige waterval.
  • 2 Laat Koningin Waternimf op de toverknop drukken aan de onderkant van de waterval...
  • 3 ... een geheime kist in de waterval gaat open en daarin ligt een achtige ring voor jou. Een ring die precies lijkt op de schitterende sleraden van Koningin Waternimf zelf!

English Translation:


  • Collect all My Little Ponies and have many fun adventures with them!
  • 1 Queen Water Nymph walks through the forest and discovers a beautiful waterfall.
  • 2 Have Queen Water Nymph press the magic button at the bottom of the waterfall...
  • 3 ... a secret chest in the waterfall opens and inside is a similar ring for you. A ring that looks exactly like the beautiful jewelry of Queen Waternymph herself!




  • Collectionne tous Mes Petits Poneys et partage leurs merveilleuses aventures.
  • 1 Reine Ondine se promène dans la forêt et arrive près d'une somptueuse cascade.
  • 2 Reine Ondine pousse la fleur située près de la cascade...
  • 3 ... Une cachette secrète apparaît à l'intérieur de la cascade et renfer- me une belle bague pour toi!

English Translation:


  • Collect all My Little Ponies and share their wonderful adventures.
  • 1 Queen Ondine walks in the forest and arrives near a sumptuous waterfall.
  • 2 Queen Ondine pushes the flower located near the waterfall...
  • 3 ... A secret hiding place appears inside the waterfall and contains a beautiful ring for you!




  • Collezionali e gioca con Loro: i tuoi My Little Pony nelle loro meravigliose avventure.
  • 1 Reginetta Cascatella passeggia felice nel bosco e si avvicina a una bellissima cascata.
  • 2 Fal schiacciare a Reginetta Cascatella II pulsante magico sul piedistallo ...
  • 3 ... le cascata si aprirà e nel vano segreto troverol un anello per te, uguale al giolelli di Reginetta Cascatella!

English Translation:


  • Collect them and play with Them: your My Little Ponies in their wonderful adventures.
  • 1 Reginetta Cascatella walks happily in the woods and approaches a beautiful waterfall.
  • 2 Have Reginetta Cascatella press the magic button on the pedestal...
  • 3 ... the waterfall will open and in the secret compartment I will find a ring for you, the same as Reginetta Cascatella's jewellery!


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