Dream Castle

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Dream Castle

The Dream Castle was released in 1983 and is quite an impressive playset as it double to twice its size once opened. It came with the pony Majesty and her friend Spike

Media Appearances

Dream Castle in My Little Pony Special
UK Catalog pamphlet

The Dream Castle was seen in the My Little Pony Special, and has been referenced many times in comics and in art work. It's also depicted on the Collectors Case.

US Dream Castle

Dream Castle Box
Dream Castle Instructions Page 1
Dream Castle Instructions Page 2
Dream Castle Instructions Page 3
Dream Castle Instructions Page 4

The First Dream Castle Playset came with:

Euro Dream Castle

Photo Needed Placeholder.jpg

Italian Dream Castle

Italian Dream Castle

Italy - Ca*Stell

Lavender Dream Castle

"Colors of product are different from those shown."

This set was released in 1989 ( Year 7). The major difference with this release is that the castle is now a lavender colour and the colour of the accessories has changed. Also spike has changed to a different shade or purple with this release.

The box the Lavender Castle came in was very similar to the box the pink castle was came in. This box had the same image (ie of the pink castle, rather then the lavender one it actually contained), but with small text "Colors of product are different from those shown.". Also, the box was slightly smaller.

It came with:


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