Lemon Drop

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Dutch: Citroentje
English: Lemon Drop
Greek: Zizi
Italian: Limone
Spanish (Spain): Gotitas
Spanish (Spain): Suspiro (piggy pony)
German: Zitrönchen

Media Appearances

Lemon Drop jumping
Lemon Drop challenges the Stone-Hearted Sorceror

Although Lemon Drop never appeared in the cartoons, she was a frequent character in the G1 comic books. Unlike most earth ponies in the comics Lemon Drop does not have any magical abilities, but she is an athletic show-jumper has the silver cups and winning ribbons to prove it. Though her pride can sometimes lead her to accept foolish challenges--agreeing to jump over obstacles made of barbed wire to protect "the honour of Ponyland", for example--she really is the best jumper in all of Ponyland.

Although she can be a bit abrasive at times, particularly towards anyone who has been ruining her jumps, Lemon Drop is also one of the bravest ponies and is always ready to help a friend. Despite being one of the few wholly non-magical ponies, she goes on a quest by herself to confront the Stone-Hearted Sorceror after he turns Tickle into stone.

She lives in the Show Stable with her puppy friend, Brandy.

She is also in the books The Magic Nut Tree, The Trolls and the Castle of Darkness, The Cross Weather Witch, and A Shock at the Show Stable. In the book The Stolen Shadow her jumping ability helps save the day.

Toy Variants

Common Lemon Drop

Lemon Drop is a G1 pony She came with the Show Stable play set. In addition, she came with Baby Buggy in Finland.

G1 Lemon Drop with blue-purple raindrops
G1 Lemon Drop's Symbol (left side)
G1 Lemon Drop's Symbol (right side)

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Collectors Pose
  • Body Colour: Yellow
  • Hair Colour: Purple
  • Eye Colour: Purple
  • Symbol: Fourteen blue-purple raindrops on right and thirteen on left


Backcard Stories

UK Fact File Story

Lemon Drop loves to jump, prance, and race against the wind. One of her favourite jumps is the lily pond. Brandy her puppy friend cheers her on as she invents unusual obstacles for her friends to jump.

Dolly Mix Lemon Drop

G1 Dolly Mix Lemon Drop

European Lemon Drop

G1 Lemon Drop ('Made in China')

This version of Lemon Drop came with a pink re-issue of the Show Stable sold in certain European countries around 1990.

In addition, Lemon Drop 'Made in China' came with the original Show Stable release in Finland. This is a confirmed fact based on childhood collections.

At first glance, she's very similar to the original release, but she has 'Made in China' written on her hooves (instead of 'Made in Hong Kong'), her symbol is a far darker shade of purple and the raindrops seem more curved, and she wears blush. Her eye paint is also brown as opposed to the very definite black of the original release.

Greek Lemon Drop

G1 Greek Lemon Drop

Italian Lemon Drop

Italian Lemon Drop Variant I

G1 Italian Lemon Drop (Airbrushed eyes)
  • yellow body, purple hair, purple symbol

Italian Lemon Drop Variant II

Italian Lemon Drop
  • white body, blue symbol, blue hair

Italian Lemon Drop Variant III

Italian Lemon Drop
  • white body, blue symbol, purple hair

Italian Lemon Drop Variant IV

Italian Lemon Drop
  • gray body

Italian Lemon Drop Variant V

Italian Lemon Drop
  • yellow body with magenta hair

Macau Lemon Drop

  • name on the "Macau" German Pretty parlour cards: Folly
Macau Lemon Drop

Macau Snuzzledrop

Macau Snuzzle Drop
Macau Snuzzle Drop's hooves

Spanish Lemon Drop

Spanish Lemon Drop Variant I

No Country Marked Lemon Drop

Spanish: Gotitas

  • CP - Regular no country

Spanish Lemon Drop Variant II


Spanish: Gotitas

  • CP - Regular no country
  • lighter symbols

Spanish Lemon Drop Variant III

with green body/yellow hair
Spanish Lemon Drop

Spanish: Agua Limón

  • CP - green body with yellow hair no country
  • came with a white or light yellow (?) moon comb

Suspiro (Piggy Lemon Drop)

Spanish Piggy Suspiro (Lemon Drop)
Spanish Piggy Suspiro (Lemon Drop)
Suspiro variant comparison

Suspiro is the Spanish piggy lemon drop made by Milton Bradley. There are two variants of the symbol.

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Piggy Pose
  • Body Colour: Yellow
  • Hair Colour: Purple
  • Eye Colour: Dark
  • Symbol: Purple drops, forward or backward



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