Lemon Hearts

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in S2E15

Lemon Hearts is a G4 Unicorn Pony. She first appeared in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic before being introduced to the toy line.

Media Appearances

Animated Pony Stats

  • Body Color: Yellow
  • Hair Color: Blue with Light Blue streak in tail
  • Eye Color: Magenta
  • Symbol: Three hearts, one green and two blue

Lemon Hearts is considered to be a background pony. She is generally used as a extra in short sequences or crowd scenes, and is given little development. Like nearly all background ponies, she was originally unnamed until her introduction to the toyline.

FIM Appearances

Lemon Hearts Figurine

Blind Bag Lemon Hearts

First Blind Bag Set #16 (regular)

Lemon Hearts appeared in the first Blind Bag set. Her mold and collector card depict her as a recolor of Rarity.

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