Magical Mystery Cure

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Magical Mystery Cure
Generation 4 | Season 3 | Episode 13
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Original Airdate February 16, 2013
Writer(s) M. A. Larson
Director(s) Jayson Thiessen
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Magical Mystery Cure is the thirteenth episode of Season 3. The episode serves as the season finale.


Twilight Sparkle awakens one morning, and begins singing about how wonderful the day is. However, she is abruptly soaked by a raincloud. Believing that Rainbow Dash is playing a prank, Twilight prepares to scold her, only for Rarity to apologize, claiming that she is not good with rainclouds. Twilight notices with shock that Rarity has Rainbow Dash's cutie mark. When asked why, Rarity claims she has always had it, and states that Rainbow Dash lives in a cottage in the woods.

Twilight and Spike travel to the cottage, which is revealed to be Fluttershy's home. However, Twilight finds Rainbow Dash has Fluttershy's cutie mark and is attempting to care for the animals, which refuse to listen to her. Traveling through Ponyville, Twilight and Spike find similar results in their other friends. Fluttershy has Pinkie Pie's cutie mark, but can't make the other ponies laugh. Pinkie Pie, bearing Applejack's cutie mark, now works at Sweet Apple Acres, but fails at every task. Applejack has Rarity's cutie mark and is trying to make dresses but with little success. Meanwhile, Rarity's attempts at weather control leave Ponyville with chaotic weather conditions.

Twilight rushes home, and realizes that the cause of the trouble lies in a spell she cast the night before. Twilight had received a book and a letter from Princess Celestia, which stated that the book contained an unfinished spell by Starswirl the Bearded. In the letter, Celestia asks Twilight to rewrite it. Twilight had cast the spell, but nothing seemed to happen. However, Twilight realizes that the spell altered the Elements of Harmony, causing the destinies of her friends to change. When the lack of a counterspell is revealed, Twilight dispairs, blaming herself for ruining her friend's lives.

Spike, however, comforts Twilight, reminding her of her friendship with the others. Inspired, Twilight decides to restore her friends by forcing them to reawaken their true talents, claiming that they could rediscover the lost parts by helping their friends. Twilight starts with Fluttershy, who is able to realize her talent with animals after assisting Rainbow Dash. Twilight puts Fluttershy's element on her, and Fluttershy's memories and cutie mark are restored. The task is repeated for each pony. Afterwards, Twilight gains the inspiration needed to fix Starswirl's spell, by channeling the Magic of Friendship. As Twilight casts the rewritten spell, the Elements of Harmony react and focus their power on Twilight. In a flash of light, Twilight disappears.

Twilight finds herself in a starry plain. Celestia appears and congratulates her for succeeding. Celestia then tells Twilight that it is time to fulfill her destiny. Twilight is suddenly surrounded by magic, and reappears in Ponyville in front of her friends. When Twilight arises, everyone realizes that Twilight now has wings, meaning that she is now an Alicorn. Twilight's friends are thrilled, but everyone is puzzled when Celestia appears and proclaims that Twilight is now a princess. Celestia explains that since coming to Ponyville, Twilight has shown the characteristics of a true princess. Though Celestia will still guide her, Twilight now has as much to teach as to learn.

Some time later, Twilight is formally coronation at Celestia's palace in Canterlot. Addressing the crowd, Twilight credits her friends for teaching her about friendship. The episode ends with Twilight reprising her song from the beginning, stating that everything will be fine.


Magical Mystery Cure took the form of a musical and featured 7 songs.

  • Morning in Ponyville
  • What My Cutie Mark is Telling Me
  • I've Got to Find a Way
  • A True, True Friend
  • Celestia's Ballad
  • Behold, Princess Twilight Sparkle
  • Life in Equestria