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Maiden Goldenwaves US version
Maiden Goldenwaves EURO version
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Enchanted Island Maiden Goldenwaves was released in 1987 as a part of the second wave. She is one of two mermaid characters, the other one is Maiden Mistycurls.

her dress changes from fishtail to summer dress ...

Doll Stats

... to swimsuit
  • Body Colour: suntanned (very prone to greenish white discolourations)
  • Hair Colour: light blonde with blue strands. Has some shorter curly hair on her head.
  • Eye Colour: blue with turquoise eyeshadow
  • Lip Colour: dark peach


Maiden Goldenwaves came with a light blue mermaid dress of which the fishtail was changeable into a short summer skirt; one or two seahorse pixietails and a blue seahorse comb.

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