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My Little Pony 'n Friends was a cartoon anthology that originally aired from 1986-1987.

Each episode contained one segment of My Little Pony and one segment of another Hasbro cartoon, alternating between Potato Head Kids, Glo Friends and Moondreamers.

My Little Pony


Bettina Bush as Megan
Keri Houlihan as Molly
Scott Menville as Danny
Charlie Adler as Spike, 4-Speed
Katie Leigh as Fizzy, Ribbon, Heart Throb, Lickety Split, Baby Shady, Baby Tiddley-Winks, Baby Gusty, Water Lily
Nancy Cartwright as Gusty, Posey, Truly, Baby Cuddles, Baby Heart Throb, Honeysuckle, Surf Rider
Susan Blu as Buttons, Paradise
B. J. Ward as Surprise, North Star, Peach Blossom, Forget-Me-Not
Sherry Lynn as Galaxy, Gingerbread, Cherries Jubilee, Baby Ribbon, Baby Half Note, Baby Sundance
Jeannie Elias as Whizzer, Masquerade, Sweet Stuff, Magic Star, Baby Lickety-Split, Sunshower
Jill Wayne as Shady, Baby Lofty
Russi Taylor as Cupcake, Rosedust, Morning Glory
Ellen Gerstell as Lofty, Locket, Mimic, Scoops
Sarah Partridge as Wind Whistler
Robbie Lee as Baby Quackers, Baby Tic Tac Toe
Noelle North as Twilight
Additional voices by Michael Bell, Peter Cullen, Jennifer Darling, Melanie Gaffin, Tress Macneille, Rob Paulsen, Frank Welker


Season One

# External Link Original Airdate(s)
1-10 The End of Flutter Valley September 15-19 & 22-26, 1986
11-14 The Ghost of Paradise Estate September 29-October 2, 1986
15 The Great Rainbow Caper October 3, 1986
16-19 The Glass Princess October 6, 7, 8, & 9, 1986
20 Pony Puppy October 10, 1986
21-24 Bright Lights October 13-16 1986
25 Sweet Stuff and the Treasure Hunt October 17, 1986
26-29 The Return of Tambelon October 20-23, 1986
30 Little Piece of Magic October 26, 1986
31-34 The Magic Coins October 27-30, 1986
35 Mish Mash Melee October 31, 1986
36-37 Woe is Me November 3-4, 1986
38-39 Fugitive Flowers November 5-6, 1986
40 The Would Be Dragonslayer November 7, 1986
41-42 Baby, It's Cold Outside November 10-11, 1986
43-44 Crunch the Rockdog November 12-13, 1986
45-46 The Revolt of Paradise Estate November 14 & 17, 1986
47-48 Through the Door November 18-19, 1986
49-50 Rescue from Midnight Castle November 20-21, 1986

Season Two

# External Link Original Airdate(s)
1-4 The Quest of the Princess Ponies September 7-10 1987
5 Spike's Search September 11, 1987
6-7 The Golden Horseshoes September 14-15, 1987
8-9 Flight to Cloud Castle September 16-17, 1987
10 The Ice Cream Wars September 18, 1987
11-12 Somnambula September 21-22, 1987
13 The Prince and the Ponies September 23, 1987
14-15 Escape from Katrina September 24-25, 1987

Potato Head Kids


Kenneth Mars as Mr. Potato Head
Linda Gary as Mrs. Potato Head
Ian Fried as Lumpy
Susie Garbo as Smarty Pants
Scott Grimes as Slick
Anne Marie McEvoy as Puff
Kellie Martin as Lolly
David Medenhall as Big Chip
Scott Menville as Spike
Brekin Meyer as Spud
Laura Mooney as Dimples

Glo Friends


Charlie Adler as Excavator, Smasher, Glo Bug, Dipper Ducky
Nancy Cartwright as Baby Glo Worm, Scoop
Roger Carmel as Starnose, Old Moldy
Patrick Fraley as Glo Worm
Hal Rayle as Rook, Brasher
Mona Marshall as Glo Scuttlebug
Don Messick as Glo Snail
Susan Silo as Nails
Russi Taylor as Glo Cappy
Frank Welker as Glo Sluggerbug



Tress MacNeille as Crystall Starr, Ursa Major, Queen Scowlene, Squawker
Jennifer Darling as Dreamgazer
Peter Cullen as Igon
Robin Kaufman as Blinky
Elizabeth Lyn Fraser as Bitsy
Clive Revill as Professor Grimace
Neil Ross as Roary