Out of Luck

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Out of Luck
Generation 1 | Season 1 | Episode 4 (B)
My Little Pony Tales
Original Airdate July 24, 1992
Writer(s) George Arthur Bloom
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The Masquerade The Play's the Thing

Out of luck is the eighth episode of the My Little Pony Tales cartoon series. It originally aired along with The Masquerade. It was written by George Arthur Bloom.


Clover’s dad is looking through a junk pile to find items to make a new sculpture while he’s doing so Clover finds a tea pot and has the idea to make it the symbol of their club. Patch recalls how she read a story about a guy named Aladdin finding a lamp and it turned out to be magic, Bright eyes recalls reading the same story too in the library saying he rubbed it and it grant him three wishes. The girls get excited claiming the new symbol as a magic tea pot. Starlight asks Clover to make a wish, Clover does asking for it to rain a jillion Jangles. Right after it starts to rain out side and Sweetheart believes the wish to be coming true. The roof then begins leaking on to Starlight who states it’s not Jangles just rain.

The girls end up outside in the rain fixing the roof. Patch jokes Clover should make another wish so they cloud all go home Clover tries it. She asks that their tree house would fix it’s self so they could all go home. Clover calls up “did it work?” just before Bon bon drops some glue on her.

Later in the bath, getting carried away singing Clover lets the bath over fill, her mother scolds her for the mess and tells Clover to clean it up and go to her room. Clover blames the tea pot for the bad luck and bins it. Later the bin men bring it back to Clover’s mother thinking it was too nice to have been thrown away so she must have done it by mistake.

Clover arrives home from school and tells her mother it wasn’t a mistake. Her mom moves on to asking how school was. Clover disappointedly hands her mom a note from Miss Hackney claiming Clover hasn’t done her homework. Clover goes on to blaming the tea pot for giving her bad luck again. Clover’s mom disagrees that it was the tea pot and grounds Clover.

Unable to concentrate on her homework still Clover begins moving and hiding the tea pot around her room. Failing to find a good spot Clover climbs out her bedroom window with the tea pot and tosses it in to Paradise Lake.

Making dinner later she loses control of a cucumber slicer just missing her dad as he walks into the kitchen. The door bell rings, her dad goes off to answer it to find a fisherman who gives him back the teapot. Clover freaks out and hides behind her mom not wanting to see the tea pot ever again. Clover’s dad angry with Clover for throwing it in the lake says they have to protect their environment, Clover is worried about protecting herself from the tea pot, her dad calls it no excuse and tells her off sending Clover to her room.

Clover later apologises to her father for throwing the tea pot in the lake, He insists the tea pot has nothing to do with her luck. Clover insists it does and pushes it away from her. Clover’s dad explains about luck then has an idea of what to do with the tea pot. He welds it to his new sculpture while Clover protests.

At the art show later a pony with a diamond ring on her flank exclaims how great Clover’s dad’s latest sculpture is and that the tea pot is a stroke of genius! Clover can’t believe it and the diamond ring pony immediately tries to buy the sculpture. Clover then thinks maybe the tea pot was good luck after all but her mother puts it as “on the other hand maybe the sculpture sold because it was good not because the tea pot was lucky”.


Clover’s Father, Clover, Patch, Bright Eyes, Melody, Starlight, Sweetheart, Bon Bon, Clover’s Mother, Art Critique, Fisher Man, Garbage Man.


The Good Old Days

Once upon a time
Fortune smiled on me
Now I find I’m stuck
Completely out of luck
Life’s as bleak as it can be.

Strange, how quickly things can change
One false move you take a tumble
One day tulips are in bloom
Next day it’s all gloom and doom

Almost seems a crime
What fortunes piled on me
How my heart would soar
If I could feel once more
The way it used to be
When fortune smiled on me


Animation errors

  • Starlight and Bon bon are sitting next to Patch after Clover makes her first wish when it was Sweetheart and Bright eyes earlier.
  • When Clover is facing forward in the bath the towel over the side of the bath isn’t visible at all. It’s also gone when the room is flooded and the bath is in full shot.
  • When Clover’s mother enters you can see the red shower curtain by the wall that should be behind Clover.
  • In bed Clover isn’t wearing a night cap but by the time she gets out side one has appeared on her head.

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