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Paradise Estate Playset

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The Paradise Estate set was released during the 1985-1986 toy line. It was not released with any ponies despite often being depicted in catalogue pictures with a non-So Soft Paradise. The set includes a pool and patio, a nursery, living room, bedroom and kitchen. The playset rooms are also able to open to allow access into them to play.

It came with:


Paradise Estate's Story

Note: These stories are reproduced exactly as they appear on the ponies' backcards, including all errors.

The ponies were spending a relaxing afternoon at the Paradise Estate when Shady burst onto the patio. "My sunglasses are missing!" she cried anxiously.

Cupcake, who was preparing a snack in the kitchen, raced outside. "What's all the fuss about?" she asked. "Shady's lost her sunglasses," Sweet Stuff answered between sips of pink lemonade. "My MAGIC sunglasses," Shady corrected her. "And they do some strange things," she warned.

The ponies organized a search party to look for the glasses. Truly inspected the living room, but all she found was Wind Whistler dancing around the room with stereo headphones wrapped over her ears. Ribbon checked the nursery but had to be very, very quiet because the baby ponies were taking a nap. Fizzy hunted outdoors, clumsily knocking over chairs as she looked around. But the sunglasses were no where to be found! The ponies met on the patio, hoping someone had found the glasses. "No luck," Shady sighed disappointedly.

Just then a large THUMP came from the direction of the swimming pool. There was Ripple, the baby sea pony, sitting on the bottom of the empty pool, wearing Shady's sunglasses. "Where'd the water go?" she asked, not realizing the magic sunglasses made the pool appear full.

The ponies laughed as they filled the pool. When the pool was full, Shady's sunglasses made the waves jump up, down and around for a magical game of water tag. "Jump in," Shady urged, passing her sunglasses to the next swimmer on the diving board. The ponies splished and splashed for the rest of the afternoon, happy that Shady's sunglasses had been found.

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