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MIB Player
MIB German Player
G1 Player's Symbol
Dance 'n Prance instructions
Dance 'n Prance Instructions page 2

Player is a Dance 'n Prance pony. Wind up her flower brooch and she dances!

English: Player
German: Boogie

Pony Stats

  • Pose: No Horn Powder Pose
  • Body Colour: Green
  • Hair Colour: Light pink
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Symbol: Pink guitar


Backcard Stories

Note: These stories are reproduced exactly as they appear on the ponies' backcards, including all errors.

US Backcard Story

Player's US Backcard

It was nearly dark in Ponyland when the ponies gathered under the light of the rainbow. Player brought her guitar and began to strum a lively, happy tune. Soon, the other ponies were dancing to the music, their tails spinning in time to the song. When Player finished the song, she rested her guitar against the rainbow. Suddenly, the guitar started playing by itself! "This guitar is magic!" Player shouted to the other ponies, who were already whirling and twirling to the beat.

Media Appearances

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