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18-Inch Blank Pony


The Pony Project

The Pony Project was described as "an exhibition featuring every girl's favorite toy, featuring some of today's leading female artists."[1] The first exhibition was presented by Hasbro and Thunderdog Studios at Milk Gallery in New York City from October 21 through October 25, 2005. Approximately 50 women artists created custom 18-inch pony figures for the exhibition. 50% of the proceeds from art piece and other merchandise sales was donated to the Association of Hole in the Wall Camps, an organization dedicated to helping children with serious illnesses and life-threatening conditions.

Artists featured on the promotional materials were Aiko Nakagawa, Amanda Visell, Andrea Elston, Anna Cangialosi, Betsey Johnson, Chico Hayasaki, Claw Money, Cynthia Chan, Dame Darcy, Elisa Flowers, Fafi, iHeart, Ingri, Isabel Samaras, Jem Filippi, Julie Verhoeven, Jen Lyon, Junko Mizuno, Justine D, Kammy Roulner, Klor, Kozyndan, Lisa Petrucci, Lori Earley, Louisa St. Pierre, Mamechiyo, Maya Hayuk, Michelle Valigura, Momoyo Torimitsu, Queen Andrea, Readymade, Renata Palubinskas, Sally Thurer, Sandra Schap, Sas Christian, Sarah Wilkinson, Stina Persson, Tado Design, Trish Grantham, Tricia Jutras, Yasuko Azuma, and Xanine.

  • October 21
  • New York, NY



"For 25 years, Hasbro’s beloved MY LITTLE PONY® brand has brought fun, friendship, and joy of play to millions of little girls around the world. In honor of this remarkable milestone, Hasbro is sponsoring the “MY LITTLE PONY PROJECT: 25 Ponies for 25 Years” program. The “MY LITTLE PONY PROJECT: 25 Ponies for 25 Years” program is an international collection of 18” MY LITTLE PONY figures designed by popular culture’s influential people and organizations. The program was created not only to be a celebration of the whimsical nature of the brand, but also as a way to support Give Kids The World Village, a non-profit that strives to provide magical memories for children with life-threatening illnesses. We’re inviting a host of international celebrities, fashion designers, and artists to design a one-of-a-kind MY LITTLE PONY figure. The entire “MY LITTLE PONY PROJECT: 25 Ponies for 25 Years” collection will be unveiled at a New York City event in fall of this year. Ponies from the “MY LITTLE PONY Project: 25 Ponies for 25 Years” collection will also be available for auction, with a portion of the proceeds going to Give Kids The World Village. We invite you to learn more about Give Kids The World Village by visiting their web site at Whether you played with MY LITTLE PONY yourself or know a special little girl who still does, tap into your magical MY LITTLE PONY memories and keep checking the site for updates about the most whimsical, wonderful event of the year!You can learn more about the MY LITTLE PONY brand by visiting the its official website at" (2008)

"In honor of the 25th Anniversary of My Little Pony, Hasbro ran the “My Little Pony Project: 25 Ponies for 25 Years,” an international collection of 18 inch My Little Pony figures designed by popular culture’s influential people and organizations. The program was created to celebrate My Little Pony and support the Give Kids the World Village.
In 2008, Give Kids the World president Pam Landwirth joined former Village Wish Children and world-renowned cake designer Sylvia Weinstock for a special birthday party held in New York City. Twenty-five ponies were available for auction with a portion of the proceeds going to the Give Kids the World Village. The auction raised $17,420. In addition, Give Kids the World received a gift of $75,000 from the My Little Pony brand to open the La Ti Da Royal Spa.
My Little Pony Twinkle Hope was a specially designed pony in honor of Give Kids the World. $0.30 was given for each one sold for a total of $14,400 going to Give Kids the World."

-Hasbro 2008 Year End Report [3]

  • February 20
  • Florida


2008 Project Ponies

  • Alison Clarke
  • Amy Grant
  • Catalina Estrada
  • Claw Money
  • David Arquette and Courteney Cox
  • Jessica Halley
  • Jim Houser
  • Jon Burgerman
  • John Stamos
  • Julie West
  • Junie Moon
  • Junko Mizuno
  • Keishace Jackson
  • Kevin Leong
  • Kimora
  • Klor
  • Kori Nicole Richardson
  • Leah Remini
  • LeAnn Rimes
  • Lisa Pliner
  • Maze
  • Silver Pony
  • Sofia De Santiago
  • Superdeux
  • Toki Doki
  • Twinkle Hope


  • May 5-26
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • 52 pieces of 2-D artwork and customized ponies
6%DOKIDOKI, 64 Colors, Ana Bagayan, Angry Woebots, Blamo (Mikie Graham), Blythe (Junie Moon), Chikuwaemil, COPE2, DABS & MYLA, Eimi, HIME+YOU, Indie, Jillian Kate, J*RYU, Julie West, Kano, Kukula, Lisa Alisa, Luke Chueh, Madoka Kinoshita, Martin Hsu, Mark Mothersbaugh, Miso, Miss Kika, Onch Movement, Perez Hilton, Shojono Tomo, Sket One, Spank!, TOUMA, and others


2012 Project Ponies

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