Pony Purse

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First Release

G1 BBE Baby Sleepy Pie with purse

The first pony purse was released in 1985 and it came with Baby Sleepy Pie. The purse was made of pink cloth and had a pocket on the front just the right size for our baby pony.

Second Release

G1 Baby Crumpet with purse

The second purse was released in 1986 and it change from pink cloth to now being purple. Again there was a pcoket on the front for a baby pony, you were also able to fit an adult pony inside as well. The purse came with the pony Baby Crumpet.

Backcard Story

Baby Crumpet with her First Tooth likes to ride along in the pocket. A larger pony and brush, comb, ribbons and pony clothing fir perfectly inside the purse.

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