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Ponyville Pinkie Pie, came with Roller Skating Party with Pinkie Pie
Ponyville Pinkie Pies
MIP Celebrate with Pinkie Pie

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Ponyville Pinkie Pie Pose, Ponyville Scootaloo Pose, Ponyville Bunches-o-Fun Pose
  • Body Colour: Pink
  • Hair Colour: Pink and light pink
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Symbol: Balloons
  • Hoof Heart:

Backcard Stories

Year Four (2006)

Minty and Friends

Ponyville Pinkie Pie

Year Five (2007)

Tea with Pinkie Pie

  • single
  • Tea set 2007
  • Pinkie III

Pinkie Pie's Balloon House

Pinkie Pie's Balloon House
MIB Pinkie Pie's Balloon House
Pinkie Pie's Balloon House Bonus Pack MIB with Magic Marigold and Fair Weather

Includes Ponyville Pinkie Pie and Ponyville Blossomforth figures.

Rollerskate Party Cake

  • playset
  • Rollerskate Party Cake 2007
  • Pinkie IV

Year Six (2008)

Advent Calender 2008

Ponyville Advent Calendar 2008

Celebrate with Pinkie Pie

Roller Skating Party with Pinkie Pie

Ponyville Pinkie Pie
Rollerskate Party
  • Roller Skating Party with Pinkie Pie
  • 2008
  • Pinkie V

Ponyville 3-Pack Discount Exclusive


Ponyville Adventure Game


Roller Skate Party Cake Value Pack

Easter Egg Pinkie Pie 2008

Anthro Pinkie Pie


  • Single Bedroom Accessories 2008

Hasbro's online product description:

"/!\ WARNING:CHOKING HAZARD-Small Parts.Not For Children Under 3 Years.Clutching her little teddy bear, this PINKIE PIE figurine is ready for all of your imaginative pony adventures. She stands in her pony PJs and bunny slippers with a cozy blanket for snuggle time! You can help her get ready for bed by "brushing" her teeth, "reading" her a story and "setting" her alarm clock for the morning!Pony figurine comes with blanket, toothpaste, toothbrush, book and alarm clock accessories."

suggested retail: $5.99

Hot Chocolate Café

  • 2008
  • Pinkie VII

Bumper Cars with Pinkie Pie and StarSong


Stageshow Bus value pack 2008 with Rainbow Dash, Scootaloo and Toola-Roola

  • Pinkie V
  • 2008

Year Seven (2009)

3 Pack with Scootaloo and Starsong



  • 2009
  • Pinkie I
  • Puzzle 2009

Easter Egg Pinkie Pie 2009

World's Biggest Tea Party

  • The World's Biggest Tea Party DVD 2009
  • Pinkie III

Scootin' Along with Pinkie Pie and StarSong

  • 2009

Pinkie Pie with a Balloon

French Variant


  • International Exclusive
  • 2009

PINKIE PIE is everyone’s best friend! She’s always dreaming up something fun to do that will keep everyone laughing and smiling all day long!

There’s always lots of fun in store with your cute PINKIE PIE pony figure! Take her with you on all of your adventures each day — with her fun snap-on hairstyle, she’s sure to look good, no matter what the occasion! (Other hairstyles sold separately.)

Pony figure comes with accessory. -hasbro.com

suggested retail: $2.99

Celebrate with Pinkie Pie

MIP Celebrate with Pinkie Pie

Cheerleader Fun with Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash

  • 2009

Help PINKIE PIE and RAINBOW DASH ponies show their spirit in the most fun and fashionable way! This awesome dress-up set has everything you need to put your ponies at the peak of cheerleader fashion, from skirts and shoes to pompons, batons and more. You can even change their hair to match their outfits! With these two pretty ponies cheering for them, any team is sure to win!

Two pony figures come with more than 20 accessories, including 4 wig accessories. -hasbro.com

suggested retail: $10.99

Supermarket Store

  • 2009

Ferris Wheel

  • 2009

La-Ti-Da Hair and Spa


Sweetie Belle's Gumball House

2009 Advent Calendar


A Day at the Park with Pinkie Pie

  • 2009

PINKIE PIE pony’s always ready to play and she wants you to play with her! This little cutie is wearing an adorable shorts and tank top outfit just perfect for a day in the sunny park. Share her “ice cream” and “popcorn” and then play with her pinwheel and balloon accessories—you’re both sure to have a blast!

Includes pony figure and accessories. -hasbro.com

suggested retail: $5.99

Pinkie Pie with an Ice Cream Stand

  • 2009

Help your PINKIE PIE figure as she pulls her "ice cream cart" and shares sweet, icy "treats" with all her friends. This colorful assortment of ice cream accessories is sure to make you smile!

Pony figure comes with ice cream cart, ice cream cone and three popsicle accessories. -hasbro.com

suggested retail: $5.99

Year Eight (2010)

3 pack with Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo in 2010


Mermaid Pinkie Pie


Pony stats

  • Pose: Mermaid Pinkie Pie Pose
  • Body Colour: Pink
  • Hair Colour: Light pink
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Tail Colour: Blue
  • Single 2010

Whenever the ponies visit the sea, they magically become beautiful mermaids! Join them as they have waves of fun discovering a brand new world!

PINKIE PIE listens to her favorite underwater tunes flow from her stereo!

Your pretty PINKIE PIE pony is looking forward to a fun afternoon under the “surf” with her crab accessory buddy and with you! Treat your new friend to her coconut drink accessory and take a “sip” of the “pineapple drink” for yourself. Then, set up the pony-sized stereo accessory and rock out to some imaginary “deep sea” music!

PINKIE PIE pony figure comes with crab, coconut drink, pineapple drink and stereo accessories and a charm. - hasbro.com

suggested retail: $5.99

Mermaid Pony Castle

  • Mermaid Pony Castle 2010

The castle version has glitter on her tail.

Halloween Pinkie Pie and Scootaloo

  • 2009

It’s scary how much fun you’ll have with your PINKIE PIE and SCOOTALOO ponies as you help them celebrate Halloween! Dress one pony up like a pirate with a pirate’s hat on her removable “hair” and a parrot accessory that clips to her leg. Then put the cat mask on the other pony and give her the pumpkin basket accessory so she can collect all kinds of trick-or-treat goodies! And with ponies this cute, who wouldn’t treat them to sweets galore?

Includes 2 pony figures with 2 removable wigs, parrot, cat mask and pumpkin basket accessories. -hasbro.com

suggested retail: $6.99

Toys "R" Us Ponyville Four-Pack

Loose photo
  • 2010

comes with repackaged single releases of:

Hasbro's online product description:

Exclusively at Toys 'R' Us

Pinkie Pie meets her friends at the amusement park for games and giggles! STARSONG loves to put on shows for all her friends! SCOOTALOO practices gymnastics! Sweetie Belle loves butterflies and flowers!

These four new friends all have their own favorite activities—and they come with fun accessories so they can share these activities with you! Your PINKIE PIE pony figure is always ready for fun and her amusement park-theme accessories just add to the delight. Your pretty STARSONG pony figure was a born star and she’ll love it when you two “take the stage” together! Your SCOOTALOO pony figure is super active and she’ll just “flip” when you help her with her gymnastics moves and accessories. Your sweet SWEETIE BELLE pony will love getting a hand from you to help her “garden” grow. With busy friends like these, there’s always something to do and always new fun to discover!

Four pony figures come with more than 12 accessories.

Ages 4 and up."

suggested retail: $19.99

Valentine's Day with Sweetie Belle and Pinkie Pie

  • 2010

Double your fun with two pony figures! Your SWEETIE PIE and PINKIE PIE figures have removable hair so you can mix and match as you help your new friends primp for a party. The "cookie plate" and "candy box" make sweet gifts to share with all their friends! Two-pack includes SWEETIE BELLE and PINKIE PIE figures with removable hair and cookie plate and candy box accessories.

suggested retail: $6.99

Undersea Melodies


Mermaid Ponies Birthday Splash


Blind Bag Pinkie Pie

  • 2010

Blind Bag Mermaid Pinkie Pie

  • 2010 International Exclusive

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