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Ponyville Toola-Roola I
Ponyville Toola-Roola II

Pony Stats

  • Pose: Ponyville Sparkleworks Pose, Ponyville Rainbow Dash Pose, Ponyville Cheerilee Pose
  • Body Colour: Pale pink
  • Hair Colour: Dark pink, orange and yellow mane, light blue, blue and purple tail
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Symbol: Paintbrush
  • Hoof Heart: Pink


Backcard Stories

Ponyville 3-Pack with Cheerilee, Toola-Roola, and Rainbow Dash


Shoe Time with Toola-Roola

  • 2007

Create a dazzling display and then get ready to go shopping for shoes with TOOLA ROOLA pony! She can try on four different sets of fancy pony-sized shoes! "Walk" her around in a matching set, or try mixing them up for a completely unique look! Pony figure comes with 4 sets of shoes, 4 shoeboxes and display stand.

suggested retail: $4.99

Year Six (2008)

Treats with Toola-Roola

MIB Treats with Toola-Roola
MIB Treats with Toola-Roola (stock photo)
  • 2008

On Stage with Rainbow Dash and Toola-Roola


Ponyville Adventure Game


Year Seven (2009)

Scootin' Along with Scootaloo and Toola-Roola

  • 2009

Help SCOOTALOO and TOOLA-ROOLA ponies explore the world around them by zipping around in their own little vehicles. Put one pony in the “car” and the other on the “scooter” and make sure they’ve brought their purses, keys and other accessories. But wait, there’s something they have to do before they cruise through town with you—make sure they stop at the “stoplight”!

Includes 2 pony figures, 2 wig accessories and 8 other accessories.

suggested retail: $10.99

Hairstyles in a Snap with Rainbow Dash and Toola-Roola

Riding Fun with Toola-Roola

  • 2009

Hit the road with your new free-wheelin’ pony friend! Put your TOOLA-ROOLA pony figure’s removable hair and helmet accessory on her head and she’s ready for a road trip. In her cute and colorful scooter, there’s just no telling where her adventures will take her — or where you’ll take her to, too!

Pony figure comes with removable hair, scooter and water bottle accessories.

suggested retail: $5.99

Year Eight (2010)

Teacups and Treats


Pony stats

  • Pose: Mermaid Toola-Roola Pose
  • Body Colour: Light Pink
  • Hair Colour: Yellow, Orange and dark pink
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Tail Color: Purple

Ponies released in this set are:

Celebrate Spring with Cheerilee and Toola-Roola

  • 2009

Blind Bag Toola-Roola

  • 2010

Blind Bag Mermaid Toola-Roola

  • 2010 International Exclusive

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