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Princess Crystal, Loose
English, Danish, Swedish, and Finnish Languages MOC
  • Release Year: 1999
  • Availability: Europe
  • Series: Princess Ponies
  • Notes: This is Princess Crystal’s sole G2 release. Her crystal ball rotates randomly between six different pictures when its lever is pulled.

Regional Names (English Translation)

  • Danish: Prinsesse Trylleria (Princess Enchantment)
  • Dutch: Prinses Waarzeggertje (Princess Fortune Teller)
  • Finnish: Prinsessa Taikatia (Princess Magic)
  • French: Princesse Destin (Princess Destiny)
  • German: Prinzessin Kristallzauber (Princess Crystal Magic)
  • Italian: Principessa Zefirina (Princess Zephyrin)
  • Norwegian:
  • Spanish:
  • Swedish: Prinsessan Trylleria (Princess Enchantment)

Pony Stats

Loose with Accessories
  • Pose: Sky Skimmer Pose
  • Body Color: Purple
  • Hair Color: Neon Green Forelock, Mauve Mane, Neon Green Tail; Silver Tinsel
  • Eye Color: Pale Blue with Green Crystal
  • Symbol: Two Yellow Ringed Planets – One Large and One Small – Surrounded by Two Large and Five Small Yellow Stars

Backcard Stories



My Little Pony is waiting for you in the Ponyland Castle! The princess ponies have lots of royal adventures and magical surprises to share with you! For the fun to begin, all My Little Pony needs is YOU!

  • Move lever on base of crystal ball to make a special message appear!

Princess Crystal is the Enchanted one. When she looks in her crystal ball, she sees into the future and finds out what magical fun lies ahead for her and her friends!



My Little Pony wacht op je in het paleis van Ponyland! Samen met jou beleeft ze daar allerlei koninklijke avonturen! De prinsessenpony's hebben betoverende verrassingen voor je! Het enige wat My Little Pony nodig heeft om de pret te laten beginnen... ben JIJ!

  • Verschuif het beplje ondersan de kristaller bol en er verschijnt een speciale boodschap.

Prinses Waarzeggertje kan de toekomst voorspellen. In haar kristallen bol ziet zij wat er gaat gebeuren en zo kont ze erachter welke sprookjesachtige avonturen zij en haar vriendinnetjes nog gaan beleven!

English Translation: My Little Pony is waiting for you in the palace of Ponyland! She will experience all kinds of royal adventures there with you! The princess ponies have enchanting surprises for you! All My Little Pony needs to get the fun started... is YOU!

  • Slide the bead underneath the crystal ball and a special message will appear.

Princess Fortune Teller can predict the future. In her crystal ball she sees what will happen and thus finds out which fairytale adventures she and her friends will experience!



Princesse Destin a un pouvoir suprême: lorsqu'elle regarde sa boule de cristal, elle lit l'avenir et voit ainsi toutes les surprises agréables et drôles qui l'attendent, elle et ses amis!

English Translation: Princess Destiny has a supreme power: when she looks into her crystal ball, she reads the future and thus sees all the pleasant and funny surprises that await her and her friends!


Herzlich Willkommen im Reich der Prinzessinnen vom Pony- Freundschaftsland, der zauberhaften Welt von "Mein Kleines Pony"! Hier erleben die Prinzess-Freunde die sagenhaftesten Abenteuer! Spiel doch einfach mit! Deine Ponys freuen sich riesig über einen neuen Freund und laden Dich ein, Gast in ihren königlichen Schloß im Pony-Freundschaftsland zu sein!

  • Bewege den Hebel am Boden der Kristallkugel! Wie durch Zauberei erscheint eine Botschaft für Dich!

Prinzessin Kristallzauber ist besonders geheimnisvoll. Denn wenn sie in ihre magische Kristallkugel blickt, kann sie in die Zukunft sehen und erkennen, welch zauberhafte Abenteuer sie und ihre Pony- Freunde erleben werden!

English Translation: Welcome to the realm of the princesses from Pony Friendship Land, the magical world of “My Little Pony”! Here the princess friends experience the most fabulous adventures! Just play along! Your ponies are thrilled to have a new friend and invite you to be a guest in their royal castle in Pony Friendship Land!

  • Move the lever at the bottom of the crystal ball! As if by magic, a message appears for you!

Princess Crystal Magic is particularly mysterious. Because when she looks into her magical crystal ball, she can see the future and see what magical adventures she and her pony friends will experience!



I my Little Pony del Regno Incantato ti stanno aspettando! Hanno storie magiche e regali principeschi da donarti. Perchè l'avventura abbia inizio manchi soltanto tu!

  • Muovi la leva alla base della sfera di cristallo per vedere il messaggio segreto.

La Principessa Zefitina è una piccola maga! Nella sua sfera di cristallo riesce a vedere tutte le cose belle che accadranno ai suoi amici pony!

English Translation: My Little Ponies from the Enchanted Kingdom are waiting for you! They have magical stories and princely gifts to give you. All that's missing for the adventure to begin is you!

  • Move the lever at the base of the crystal ball to see the secret message.

Princess Zefitina is a little magician! In her crystal ball she can see all the good things that will happen to her friends and her ponies!



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