Princess Flora and Prince Fauna

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Princess Flora and Prince Fauna, Loose
French, Dutch, English, and Italian Languages MOC
  • Release Year: 2001
  • Availability: Europe
  • Series: Romantic Ponies
  • Notes: Prince Fauna is a reissue of Clever Clover, and Princess Flora is a reissue of Morning Glory. When Prince Fauna’s nose touches the heart on Princess Flora’s cheek, she says, “I love you,” and the heart on her chest lights up. Her batteries are irreplaceable, so she will not work again after they die.

Regional Names (English Translation)

  • Danish/Norwegian:
  • Dutch: Prinses Fleur en Prins Gelukbrenger (Princess Fleur and Prince Lucky Charm)
  • Finnish:
  • French: Princesse Flora et Prince Porte Bonheur (Princess Flora and Lucky Prince)
  • German:
  • Greek:
  • Italian: Principessa Flora e Principe Fauna (Princess Flora and Prince Fauna)
  • Spanish:
  • Swedish:

Princess Flora Stats

Princess Flora, Loose
  • Pose: Sky Skimmer Pose
  • Body Color: Pink
  • Hair Color: Violet and Lavender Blend
  • Eye Color: Teal with Dark Pink Crystal
  • Symbol: Four Pale Blue Five-Petal Flowers with Three Pale Blue Outlined Leaves, Pink Heart on Left Cheek

Prince Fauna Stats

Prince Fauna, Loose
  • Pose: Sweet Berry Pose
  • Body Color: Blue Violet
  • Hair Color: Sky Blue with Silver Tinsel
  • Eye Color: Pale Blue with White Crystal
  • Symbol: Silver Four-Leaf Clover with Small Negative Space Heart in each Leaf Framed by Eight Different Sized Silver Dots


Princess Flora and Prince Fauna, Loose with Accessories

Backcard Stories




  • Collect all the My Little Ponies and share in their adventures.
  • 1 Princess Flora is out walking when she meets Prince Fauna.
  • 2 Prince Fauna greets Princess Flora with a kiss and immediately she falls in love!
  • 3 When you bring Prince Fauna’s nose near Princess Flora’s cheek, she will say “I love you” and her heart will light up.




  • Verzamel alle My Little Ponies en beleef vele leuke avonturen met hen!
  • 1 Prinses Fleur maakt kannis met Prins Gelukbrenger tijdens een van haar wandelingen.
  • 2 Prins Gelukbrenger kust Prinses Fleur: haar hartje klopt sneller, ze is verliefd!
  • 3 Breng de neus van Prins Gelukbrenger naar de wang van Prinses Fleur: ze zegt "I love you" en haar hart geeft licht.

English Translation:


  • Collect all My Little Ponies and have many fun adventures with them!
  • 1 Princess Fleur has a chance with Prince Lucky Charm during one of her walks.
  • 2 Prince Lucky Charm kisses Princess Fleur: her heart beats faster, she is in love!
  • 3 Bring Prince Lucky Charm's nose to Princess Fleur's cheek: she says "I love you" and her heart lights up.




  • Collectionne tous Mes Petits Poneys et partage leurs merveilleuses aventures.
  • 1 Princesse Flora et Prince Porte Bonheur se rencontrèrent au cours d'une promenade.
  • 2 Prince Porte Bonheur embrassa Princesse Flora, le coeur de Princesse Flora s'enflamma aussitôt!
  • 3 Pose le nez de Prince Porte Bonheur sur la joue de Princesse Flora. Elle dit alors: "I love you** et son coeur s'illumine de bonheur.
    • ”Je t’aime”

English Translation:


  • Collect all My Little Ponies and share their wonderful adventures.
  • 1 Princess Flora and Prince Lucky met during a walk.
  • 2 Lucky Prince kissed Princess Flora, Princess Flora's heart immediately burst into flames!
  • 3 Place Lucky Prince's nose on Princess Flora's cheek. She then says: “I love you” and her heart lights up with happiness.




  • Collezionali e gioca con Loro: i tuoi My Little Pony nelle loro meravigliose avventure.
  • 1 Principessa Flora mentre passeggia incontra Principe Fauna.
  • 2 Principe Fauna saluta con un bacio Principessa Flora in quel momento sboccia l'amore!
  • 3 Avvicina il naso di Principe Fauna alla guancia di Princessa Flora lei dirà "I love you" e le si accenderà il cuore.

English Translation:


  • Collect them and play with Them: your My Little Ponies in their wonderful adventures.
  • 1 While walking, Princess Flora meets Prince Fauna.
  • 2 Prince Fauna greets Princess Flora with a kiss, at that moment love blossoms!
  • 3 Bring Prince Fauna's nose close to Princess Flora's cheek and she will say "I love you" and her heart will light up.


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