Rainbow Dash's Special Day

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This animated episode is 10 minutes long including credits and was released with a pony figure of Rainbow Dash to DVD.


The friends meet up in the town to have a group picture done all but Rainbow Dash. They suddenly remember its Rainbow Dashes special day. So Pinkie Pie starts setting up a party for her while Cheerilee goes to tell Rainbow Dash there’s a big box waiting for her from Paris, in town, possibly full of clothes! Rainbow Dash goes running off to find it. When she finds it her friends pop out yelling "surprise! Its Rainbow Dashes special day!" A Rainbow appears out of the box and we take a look back at here appearance in other episodes. Snippets taken heavily from The Runaway Rainbow, and lightly from A Charming Birthday, Greetings from Unicornia, A Very Minty Christmas, Positively Pink and Friends are Never Far Away. They then decorate Rainbow Dash up attempting to match the pony figure the episode was sold with.



G3 Rainbow Dash's Special Day (Pony and DVD set)



Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Cheerilee, Scootaloo, Starsong, Toola Roola, Sweetie-Belle,

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