Roll Around the Clock

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Roll Around the Clock
Generation 1 | Season 3 | Episode 7 (B)
My Little Pony Tales
Original Airdate August 14, 1992
Writer(s) Kayte Kuch and

Sheryl Scarborough

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Blue Ribbon Blues Princess Problems

Roll Around the Clock is the fourteenth episode of the My Little Pony Tales cartoon series. It originally aired along with Blue Ribbon Blues. It was written by Kayte Kuch and Sheryl Scarborough.


The girls are at the skating ring, Melody tells Ace to “watch this” as she does some fancy foot work. Ace shows off the same trick as Starlight remarks they’re good to some unknown pony. Starlight reveals there’s going to be a roller skating contests and she’s glad the unknown pony is her partner. Clover can then be seen tripping up her skating partner Dandy just after that Patch and Buddy jump over them. Sweetheart is partnered with Teddy and Bright eyes is working at the help desk with skates on. She goes over to serve Bon bon and her partner some tickets to the dance contest. After the phone rings and Lancer picks it up. Bright eyes was already on her way over unable to skate properly she crashes into Lancer and ends up taking the call on the floor. Lancer leaves and Starlight, Clover and Patch skate in to help unravel Bright eyes from the ticket roll she’s now wrapped in saying Lancer hasn’t a partner yet trying to pair them up. Ace and Teddy are doing the same thing to Lancer trying to get him to partner up with Bright eyes for the contest. Lancer believes Bright eyes is too busy so Ace and Teddy give him advise to change his attitude to a go get it nature. Starlight, Bon bon, Clover and Melody are discussing that they know Bright eyes wants to have Lancer as her partner but is afraid he’ll turn her down. Melody and Starlight think Bright eyes needs a make over so push her into the salon. Teddy and Ace still trying to continue at their club house to change Lancer saying that girls like you to play hard to get then they break out into song.

Later after the make over they’re back at the rink, Bright eyes tries to change her mind but Starlight stops her. Both sides push Lancer and Bright eyes out into the middle to meet each other head on. Lancer tries to use what Ace has taught him to attract Bright eyes and Bright eyes tries to use what Melody has taught her to attract Lancer messing up her mane in the process. Lancer tries Teddy’s advice to insult Bright eyes, it goes poorly and it ends up pear shaped when the two start yelling at the tiny floating ponies around their heads giving them advice. They skate off believing the other isn’t who they thought they were. Ace wonders how Lancer messed up and Melody thinks they just weren’t meant to be.

Bright eyes goes back to her place serving tickets. She takes the music for the contest over to Lancer but falls in her skates. Lancer rushes over to help Bright eyes up. They explain to each other what they were trying to do and Lancer tries to teach Bright eyes how to skate. The contest start and the contestants drop out one by one, first Clover and her partner then Sweetheart and Teddy, Ace and Melody, Bon bon and her partner then Patch and Buddy. The only two left are Bright eyes and Lancer they pull off the routine and win. Their friends don’t understand how but are happy they’re together in the end.


Clover, Patch, Bright Eyes, Melody, Starlight, Sweetheart, Bon Bon, Teddy, Ace, Lancer, Starlight's Partner, Dandy, Buddy, Spinner, Judge


Want girls at your feet?

Don’t be friendly or sweet

Lesson number 1

Listen to me son

Here’s the way it’s done

Don’t act shy and nervous

Like a foo-oo-oo-ol

You have to play your part

Play cool



Want to catch the boys eye?

Bake a chocolate cream pie!

Let him know you like riding on a bike

Going for a hike

Sashay down the halls when you’re at schhoo-oo-ool

You have to play it smart

Play cool

When a girl is there

Act like you don’t care

Play it neat and coy

That’s the way to win a boy

Don’t be left on the shelf

Learn to package yourself

It’s a common fact

Putting on an act

Helps you to attract

When in doubt we call this golden ruu—uule

You want to win his heart

You want to win her heart

Play it cool!

(Your sure this is gonna work?)


Animation errors

  • The judge only has three skates on to start the contest then four by the time Melody and Ace are kicked out. Then 2 when Lancer and Bright eyes skate past him for the second time, he’s in all four as the judge rolls up to Bright eyes then has only two on as he stand up to talk to them. His microphone changes a bit in design too, too plain pink. When he hands over the trophy all four skates are now gone.
  • While playing Hockey Patch and Buddy have their front skates off by the time the Judge calls the out they’re back on their hooves.
  • When they’re all standing around Bright eyes, Lancer and the trophy Clover and Dandy should be in shot behind the trophy but are left out.

Story errors

  • Starlight and her partner don’t attend or get knocked out of the contest despite Starlight being glad the unknown pony at the start is her partner for the skate off.
  • To start with the ponies were taking their skates off to pick up things then they started to leave them on towards the middle of the show by the end of the show they were removing the skates again.

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